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OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE - Devil In The Moonshine (2017)

OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE - Devil In The Moonshine (2017) full

Southern Rock is not the leading musical genre of this blog, but "Devil In The Moonshine", the full length debut album from OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE certainly deserve more than a listen, presented in exclusive at 0dayrox.
With songs titled 'Hey Y’All', 'Whiskey' or 'Redneck Me', one would think this is a band that comes from a part of the U.S. where flying the Confederate flag is still noncontroversial. However, OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE’s home is Indianapolis, more famous for the Indy 500 auto race than Southern Rock.

But make no mistake - wherever these five good ol’ boys get their Southern Rock roots from, those roots are deep and authentic.
And better than that, they fuse into the songs a strong rocking vibe as well, where BLACKFOOT-like riffs coexist with Zakk Wylde’s PRIDE & GLORY and the edgier sounds of LYNYRD SKYNYRD.

This 10-song record boasts a kick that is just as strong as the most potent mason jar of moonshine. That is evidenced in part through the album’s collective musical arrangements, and the lyrical content which is just as important to its whole.
The record’s sequencing brings those aforementioned elements together, solidifying the final result.

Right from the album’s outset, audiences get a work in the album’s title track that mixes classic influences with a quite original modern approach. The end result of that solid southern rock recipe is an infectious arrangement that is certain to become a favorite among audiences both on record and in live settings.
‘(Here Comes) Bobby', the album’s second offering, slightly changes things with its driving, acoustic rock arrangement. It's a slow-grooving ballad of sorts, but even here the band shows nerve, with the slide guitar bumped up.
'Don't Be Scared' follows a similar melodic motif, but with heavy riffs, a thick bottom end, and a catchy chorus.

I really like the twang riffage of 'Ride or Die', a heavy rocker with a slow grooving pace, then filled with some crafty fret work. This track brings to mind classic late Seventies American arena rock, something like BLACKFOOT updated 2017.
'Whiskey' is the most overtly ‘southern’ track on offer, opening up with some gritty riffage and a nice harmony lead, and featuring some pleasingly gravelly lead vox from Beau Van, but even here the band don’t go for broke with the axe attack, preferring instead to keep things concise and accessible.

Then 'Boom' is a full-blown, made-for-video, Southern rocker to sing-a-long with while you drain the kegger in the backyard next to the rusted out Ford F-150. It's an inspired and fun Southern country hard rocker, and OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE show they can easily become master craftsmen of the genre.

OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE - Devil In The Moonshine (2017) inside

'Redneck Me' is a lighters-in-the-air ballad with a classic rock bluesy backbone, but closing track 'Different Kind of Man' gets things back on the rebel track with a slow-building, acoustic led epic which features another nice electrifying solo.

OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE’s debut album "Devil In The Moonshine" is a very good slice of modern driving Southern that is certain to appeal to classic rock fans of all types and ages. That is due in no small part to the diversity presented in the songs’ musical arrangements, boasting a variety of energies and influences.
Also, what I really liked here is the polished, punchy and absolutely massive production job from Vic Rivera (TED POLEY, ADRIANGALE), who has done a, dare I say it, champagne job on what was doubtless more of a beer budget.
Grab a cold beer (or a good bourbon) crank it up, and enjoy.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - The Devil in the Moonshine
02 - (Here Comes) Bobby
03 - Don't Be Scared
04 - Ride or Die
05 - Boom
06 - Cootie Brown
07 - Whiskey
08 - Hey Y'all
09 - Redneck Me
10 - Different Kind of Man

Beau Van - vocals, guitars
Chris Van - bass
Mike Back - guitars, vocals
Travis K - guitar, keyboards
Eric Piper - drums


TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN - Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (2017)

TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN - Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (2017) full

TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN are releasing their self-titled full length debut with Spinefarm Records. Yeah, including into the line-up guitarist Graham Whitford (son of AEROSMITH guitarist Brad Whitford) may have open some doors for this Nashville based band, but take for sure these guys are talented enough to make a name by themselves.

Steeped in the blues and tempered in rock, Texas-born frontman Tyler Bryant is an impressive and formidable talent, as both musician and wordsmith. In fact, he’s absolutely brimming with catchy riffs and engaging, poetic lyrics.
The band has already toured with some of Rock's foremost legends (AC/DC, AEROSMITH, DEEP PURPLE, GUNS N' ROSES) so they must have 'something'.

"Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown" is all about bluesy classic rock with some hard rockin' elements, fuzzy guitars, swagger vocals and polished production.
Things start with the groovy 'Heartland', a classic rocker with a great wailing guitar to it. 'Don’t Mind The Blood' adds a funky rhythm with a more modern sonic approach, but make no mistake, this is classic rock.

Next, 'Jealous Me' is a slow-burner rock n' roll bringing a sexy feel full of atmosphere and interesting depth. A great tune with a lovely chorus and killer guitars and harmonies. The tune is kept calmer than most of the other tracks but comes with an extreme level of intensity. For me it's a highlight on a brightly shining album.
After such an intense moment it's the pumping 'Backfire' that shakes you again, and 'Ramblin' Blues' comes with, what else, a lot of rocking blues.

TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN - Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (2017) INSIDE

Then arrives another fav of mine, 'Wheel and Weepin'. This uptempo song is a dirty rocker with furiously singing guitars bringing a strutting AEROSMITH influence to the fore that certainly goes a long way.
The way that 'Manipulate Me' is played to darker, minor tones gives that bit of edge that actually suits this band quite well.
Also a very interesting moment comes with 'Ramblin’ Bones', dropping into a more sinister, eerie country-rock slither that the building layers of backing vocals and extra percussion accentuate for a real high point.

‘Easy Target’ is the perfect drinking song, again with very catchy chorus. Listening to this album, it really shines with exceptional choruses, they seem simple, but are actually very clever indeed.
The superb ‘Magnetic Field’ manages to convey another side to the chaps with melodic Zeppelin-like musicianship in a mystical style. The mesmerising ‘Aftershock’ full of foreboding guitar and ‘Into The Black’, a magical and mysteriously beautiful musical journey in itself, bring the perfect end to a very good album.

TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN - Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (2017) back

"Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown" transfer the classic rock'n'roll vibe into the here & now. Listening to the album is a joyful experience, also because of the creativity that's embedded in these 39 minutes.
There's many influences of course, but the guys found their own sound that allows the quartet to vary by still sticking to a uniqueness.
Rocks really, really good - Strongly Recommended

01 - Heartland
02 - Don’t Mind The Blood
03 - Jealous Me
04 - Backfire
05 - Ramblin’ Bones
06 - Weak And Weepin’
07 - Manipulate Me
08 - Easy Target
09 - Magnetic Field
10 - Aftershock
11 - Into The Black

Caleb Crosby - drums
Noah Denney - bass and backing vocals
Graham Whitford - guitar
Tyler Bryant - lead vocals and guitar


DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION - Skyscraper Souls (2017)

DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION - Skyscraper Souls (2017) full

Legendary keyboardist Geoff Downes & and young talent Chris Braide, known as the DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION (DBA), release their new album "Skyscraper Souls" via Cherry Red Records. This is their 3rd collaboration and follows their two previous critically-acclaimed releases Pictures of You (2012) and Suburban Ghosts (2015) - both featured here on the blog.
"Skyscraper Souls" is quite different from the previous, with the duo reaching new heights.

From the cover artwork designed by Roger Dean (Yes, Magnum, et all) you can detect this is a different effort by DBA.
"Skyscraper Souls" is a much more traditional progressive / classic rock album than the previous two, with Geoff and Chris supplemented by real musicians replacing the programmed drums of previous releases, and a variety of guest vocal and instrumental contributors including David Longdon (Big Big Train), Kate Pierson (B'52s), Tim Bowness (No Man), and Andy Partridge (XTC).

Most the songs were created around Downes's ideas during a break from his extensive touring with his two main bands; YES and ASIA. While more 'progressive' in essence - the title tracks runs over 18 minutes - "Skyscraper Souls" still retains the strong rock&pop aesthetic of DBA.

In fact, despite its length, title track is one of the more commercial song on the album, divided into several parts, all quite captivating with a sound recalling YES 90125 / Trevor Rabin era. Fans of ALAN PARSONS will love this as well.
The moods and melodies shift and change, from air punching anthem to mellow piano led refrains, with some superb guitar solos along the way and Downes' signature vocoder. The final section of this epic brings things to a gentle close, with space, texture and sound effects backing Braide's sweet vocals.
It's an amazing track that rewards the listener with repeated listening.

The Andy Partridge–sung “Glacier Girl” carries the listener back to Pop balladry and nonsuch ecstasy with its rippling piano flourishes and complementary haunting female voices of Kate Pierson.

Switching the tempo to a higher gear is the smooth and soulful, metallic guitar–adorned stomper “Angel on Your Shoulder.” The song begins with a very Asia sounding intro, which is, of course, classic Downes. Supporting vocals here come from performer / producer Matthew Koma and the song features great guitar/ keyboard interplay reminiscent of ASIA. A sytupendous classic rock/pop hybrid of a track and a highlight.


Another sentimental track comes next in the form of “Tomorrow,” whose stark Pop sensibilities and melodic guitar interlude make it a good mid-album highlight. A similar sophisticated vibe flows flawlessly into the ensuing, slightly more upbeat “Lighthouse,” illuminating the listener’s emotional path before he turns to a gloomy curve.

Both the sonic and lyrical sentiments turn more dramatic with the heartrending slow ballad “Skin Deep,” which features the silky, soaring voice of SOFT CELL’s Marc Almond.
Then, before they drop the final curtain, Downes / Braide drape their "Skyscraper Souls" with another richly textured and well-orchestrated expression of poignancy—“Darker Times” indeed.

Downes Braide Association’s latest work may be a taller, grander, and more concept-oriented affair compared with its predecessors, but it remains grounded, accessible, and easily relatable.
The prog rock and classic rock sound is there via Downes, while Braide throws in more current and pop sounds. The mix works and as a result one gets an unique album.
"Skyscraper Souls" is extremely well mixed and produced, flows beautifully and is another welcome addition to both of these musical geniuses’ respective catalogs.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Prelude
02 - Skyscraper Souls
03 - Glacier Girl
04 - Angel on Your Shoulder
05 - Tomorrow
06 - Lighthouse
07 - Skin Deep
08 - Darker Times
09 - Finale

Geoff Downes: Keyboards, Vocals, Programming
Chris Braide: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ash Soan: Drums
Andy Hodge: Bass


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MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Just The Hits- 1981-1985 [2017] 0dayrox Exclusive

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Just The Hits- 1981-1985 [2017] 0dayrox Exclusive full

80s suckers charge the batteries and put your walkman / discman earbuds on... MOONLIGHT DESIRES are here with their new album "Just The Hits- 1981-1985", and take for sure it will put a big smile on your face.
This kind of album needed to be released today. Like literally, whatever day you read this … 'that day'. If you are paying even the slightest bit of attention to the world today, everything kind of sucks.
You know what doesn’t suck? MOONLIGHT DESIRES covering some of the biggest hits of the ’80s and not just covering them, but infusing them with some steroid, testosterone-driven melodic rock riffs, solos, vocals, punchy drums and, oh yeah… fun.

Hailing from Canada the band features past / present members from bands like Chore, Threat Signal, The Inflation Kills and Davids, while frontman / guitarist Trevor Ziebarth (aka Ricky Butcher from the cartoon Sons Of Butcher) sings with surprising versatility yet never, ever forgets that edgy, rockin' approach.
Named after the, as well, Canadian musician GOWAN song 'Moonlight Desires' from 1987, this five piece delivers their unique vision of '80s culture, adding a rocking edge to that classic poppy songs.
Think 7th HEAVEN doing this type of covers, yet much more biting.

And MOONLIGHT DESIRES starts this "Just The Hits- 1981-1985" precisely with a GOWAN song, “A Criminal Mind”, and if you remember the dramatic video from the hit, it makes this song even funnier. The original is so damn earnest, and MOONLIGHT DESIRES strips away all the pageantry and proves that a good song is a good song, no matter how you dress it up. Yes, the original is awesome, but the cover is dirtier in a “pick up this half-smoked alley cigarette and light it up” way.

Knowing Canada is part of the equation, you kind of had to guess that “Sunglasses At Night” was going to be part of this hit parade, and it should be. COREY HART’s original version is timeless, but bringing it into the now with sharper riffs, a lot more brightness and less brooding makes things as cool as buying a vintage car your grandfather lost his virginity in.

It’s hard to pick a “best” on a covers album, but if it’s not the Corey Hart cover, then it’s DURAN DURAN's “Hungry Like The Wolf.” Since you already know the words (if you are a human person), this is one of those songs (and albums) you can just hit “play” and just start rockin’ out to. This get uber-heavy on this track where a guitar solo would be, and the breakdown kills.
It’s almost ridiculous how much sense all of these covers make. SIMPLY RED’s “I’ll Keep Holding On” holds up when turned to 11, and the vocals are the best on the album.

The STEVE WINWOOD's classic pop song “Valerie” gets turned into a bit of a BRYAN ADAMS “Summer of ’69” style anthem and... guess what? It Rocks!
They made a rocking version for “Something About You,” the LEVEL 42 hit. Again, Trevor can SING. He’s got an oddly effortless melodic performance but he’s not trying, it’s just intrinsic in his vocal delivery. Yeah, it gets a bit yell-y here, but there’s notes, and he hits them.
Another noteworthy cover is that of the FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD's 'The Power Of Love' which, after years of being the “go to” Christmas song or used for TV-ads, here comes full circle with a groovy delivery and really hits home the message of the song!

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Just The Hits- 1981-1985 [2017] 0dayrox Exclusive - back

Taking classic '80s hits and covering / updating them sonically with a rocking edge is always a risk, but let me tell you that MOONLIGHT DESIRES nails it. They are party anthems, it’s all one big rock n’ roll show, and if there’s anything better than that, it should be listening to MOONLIGHT DESIRES too.
"Just The Hits- 1981-1985" is a great album with more than a 'cover approach': the band add their own rocking vision to these classics. Songs with a bit of thought put into them and a lot of fun to record I am sure, as they are great fun to listen to and crank up loud.

'80s fans, this is for you. MOONLIGHT DESIRES bring back the Eighties musical fun / culture - darn, the album is also released on Cassette CrO2 - remember those?
Party on! HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - A Criminal Mind
02 - Sunglases at Night
03 - Out of Touch
04 - Hungry Like the Wolf
05 - Young Turks
06 - Bette Davis Eyes
07 - Holding Back the Years
08 - Valerie
09 - Promises Promises
10 - Something About You
11 - The Power of Love

Trevor Ziebarth - Vocals, Guitar
Jay Ziebarth - Bass, Vocals
Marco Bressette - Lead Guitar
Nicholas K. Daleo - Lead Guitar
Scott Brady - Drums


MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017)

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017) full

Accompanying the awesome new MOONLIGHT DESIRES album also featured on the blog, here's the band first album from three years ago "Frankie Goes To Hamilton", also re-released 2017 in a remastered form.
Of course, here's also all about '80s covers fun. On "Frankie Goes To Hamilton" MOONLIGHT DESIRES delivered a rollicking arrangement of classic love songs from the Eighties.

It's really fun - and refreshing - to listen to JOHN WAITE's "Missing You" done in a cracking riff-driven version something in a current LOVERBOY sound. Or STEVE PERRY's "Oh Sherrie" driven by pumping bass lines and a stadium-anthem delivery.
The band cover here the GOWAN song from where they took their name, "Moonlight Desires", and you'll be surprised to listen to an uptempo take on BELINDA CARLISLE's hit "Circle in the Sand".

Oh wait.. is there FOREIGNER's "I Wanna Know What Love Is"? Really? It's done here with a speed-up tempo, sharp riffs and a massive chorus. Sacrilege? Not at all, love it!
And the band keep surprising with DAN HARTMAN's "I Can Dream About You". I can't imagine a more poppy song like this, but in the hands of MOONLIGHT DESIRES it's morphed into a killer melodic rocker.

Same with the sweet CROWDED HOUSE 'Don't Dream It's Over'... turned into a hard hitting rocker.
Or THOMPSON TWINS "Hold Me Now", originally a sparse, slow poppy tune here re-energized with stinging guitars and a melodic rock chorus.
Taking classic '80s hits and covering / updating them sonically with a rocking edge is always a risk, but let me tell you that MOONLIGHT DESIRES nails it.

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017) back

Eighties suckers charge the batteries and put your walkman / discman earbuds on... MOONLIGHT DESIRES are here to bring back the golden era with a lot of fun.
On "Frankie Goes To Hamilton" the band deliver these songs with more than a 'cover approach': they add their own rocking vision to these classics. Songs with a bit of thought put into them and a lot of fun to record I am sure, as they are great fun to listen to and crank up loud.
'80s fans, this is for you. Party on!

01 - Moonlight Desires
02 - Circle in the Sand
03 - I Wanna Know What Love Is
04 - I Can Dream About You
05 - Head Over Heels
06 - Everytime You Go Away
07 - Oh Sherrie
08 - Missing You
09 - Don't Dream It's Over
10 - Always Something There to Remind Me
11 - Hold Me Now

Trevor Ziebarth - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Marco Bressette - Lead Guitar
Nicholas K. Daleo - Bass, Drums
Mitch Bowden - Guitar
Dave Dunham - Drums


TRAGIK - Tainted (2017)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

The always busy Phil Vincent is back with one of his best projects, TRAGIK, and their 7th album "Tainted" to be released tomorrow December 15. Seems that Vincent is concentrated now in his solo career and TRAGIK, and this has paid its dividends. His other bands like D'ERCOLE has been put on hold, and LEGION dissolved.
And while Damian D’Ercole still provides the guitar solos here, and former partner in LEGION Vince O’Regan guest in one guitar solo, this new TRAGIK album is a quite different beast from previous Vincent works.

And that are welcomed news; Vincent / TRAGIK have created a very interesting, different piece of music here.
For the most part, the DOKKEN influences are gone in favor of a more elaborated recipe of melodic rock with added poppy melodies, electronics, and some lite proggy stuff akin KANSAS.
Of course, the melodic hard rocking tunes are still present as are part of TRAGIK's DNA, such as 'Can’t Take it Back' with a feeling close to DANGER DANGER Paul Laine-era, the modern '‘Til I See You Again', or the extremely melodious 'Regrets' with some BAD HABIT on it.

But TRAGIK explores here other interesting, new territories on this album.
Opener 'Welcome Back' and 'Face of Sorrow' are straight melodic rockers, but with some cool electronics in the backgrond in the vein of recent NEWMAN works, and you have a surprisingly poppy tune in 'Into the Great Unknown' with Swedish-like melodies all over.
Or check the pretty original 'Not Over You (Listen)'. The song blends rocking modern guitars with programmed drums in the '80s way, plenty of sound effects and almost danceable beats.
Title track 'Tainted' is pretty melodic hard rock, but even here the groove is different from anything released by TRAGIK before, then 'Harsh Reality' is a classic funky melodic rocker, but with a modern presentation.

And then we have TRAGIK developing a proggy side, yet very melodic.
'Out of Nowhere' is a midtempo tune with an AORish feeling however the progressive arrangements makes this track one of the most captivating on the album.
Another solid number in this vein appears with 'Nobody’s There', showcasing a KANSAS or even BOSTON influences in the main melody, same with 'Heaven', a quite long composition with pianos, synth atmospheres and smooth vocals.

TRAGIK - Tainted (2017) BACK

There's a 'new' TRAGIK / Phil Vincent in "Tainted".
Forget the (unnecessary) cheesy cover artwork that doesn't reflects what is musically packed inside.
You'll find elaborated songs on this album, always with melody as main focus yet rich in arrangements. It's also really varied, covering different styles with, for the most part, remarkable results.
Strongly Recommended

01 - Welcome Back
02 - Not over You (Listen)
03 - Can’t Take It Back
04 - Into the Great Unknown
05 - Face of Sorrow
06 - Out of Nowhere
07 - ‘Til I See You Again
08 - Nobody’s There
09 - Regrets
10 - Tainted
11 - Heaven
12 - Harsh Reality

Phil Vincent - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
Damian D’Ercole - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Dirk Phillips - Drums
David Zychek - Guitars, Bass on #12
Mike Mason - Drums on #12
Vince O’Regan - Guitar solos on #3, #8


AERODYNE - Breaking Free (2017)

AERODYNE - Breaking Free (2017) full

"Breaking Free" is the first full-length of Swedish hard rockers AERODYNE, set for release tomorrow December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records. Formed back in January 2016 the Scandinavian combo soon recorded a self-managed EP which got the attention of Street Symphonies, and "Breaking Free" is here.

AERODYNE's style is classic '80s hard rock with glammy melodies, some sleaze bounce, and a pinch of American catchiness.
Their songs are quite commercial, however, what I like about this band - and what set them apart from the crowd - is some 'easy metal' approach. I mean, AERODYNE adds a touch of classy melodic metal riffs to some songs, akin PRETTY MAIDS circa 1988 to mention a reference.
But these guys create their own sound, despite the influences to be cited below.

It's curious, but the guys started the album with the less interesting song on the CD. 'As Above, So Below' is a solid rocker, but little generic and not representing what this band is capable of, as heard in songs to come.
And soon 'Comin' For You' raise the bar with an infectious riff, rumbling bass lines and gang choruses, a song plenty of fire and at the same time catchy as hell.

But AERODYNE really start to shine with track 3, title track 'Breaking Free'. This is a killer hard rocker driven by that characteristic '80s double guitar attack with some Euro melodic metal feel. PRETTY MAIDS, 220 VOLT and alike come to mind, and the guys put an anthemic chorus to crown the great uptempo rhythm. The vocals bite, and the double solo kills.
More quality continues with 'Aerodynamic', a much more sleaze number in vein of CRASHDIET or SHOTGUN MESSIAH, a 'very Swedish' song with street choruses and superb solos. This is not an ordinary 'sleaze' song, this rocks hard!

Then 'Pedal to the Floor' incorporates an American riff full of fire. It's a hard rocking song but darn catchy with a little Sunset Strip to it.
'We All Live a Lie' is another strong, punchy tune with a monster pumping bass line, a raising pre-chorus, and a highly melodious chorus ready for the arenas reminiscent of an early RECKLESS LOVE when thay used to rock good.

On 'Until You're Gone' the tempo up again for a racing sleazy number and again the sharp riffs appear with some dirty shouts full of '80s magic.
'Setting Hell on Fire' is darker, groovier, I hear a bit a of the very first HARDCORE SUPERSTAR or the heavier side of SANTA CRUZ here, however, as on the entire disc, the chorus is pretty contagious with oh-ohs and a melting solo.

AERODYNE - Breaking Free (2017) inside

I can see why on 'Run Away' there's Danny Rexon guesting on backing vocals, as this is a CRAZY LIXX sounding rocker, a song with a soaring chorus in the best Swedish tradition. A highlight.
After that 9-track full rockin' attack, seems last track 'Back To Back' would be a ballad because starts slowly with clean guitars and relaxed vocals, but don't be fooled, atfer 40 seconds the band delivers another slick hard rocker with that aforementioned '80s Euro metal melody all over, hot guitars and a scorching solo.

You simply can't stay quiet listening to "Breaking Free", a foot-tapping pretty killer debut from AERODYNE.
The musical approach is plenty of attitude but polished from the production side. This baby rocks hard, at the same time resulting catchy and melodic with that typical Scandinavian delivery.
Welcome into the scene AERODYNE, a band ready to make waves all over the planet.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - As Above, So Below
02 - Comin' for You
03 - Breaking Free
04 - Aerodynamic
05 - Pedal to the Floor
06 - We All Live a Lie
07 - Until You're Gone
08 - Setting Hell on Fire
09 - Run Away
10 - Back to Back

Daniel Almqvist: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Timmy Kan: Bass, Backing Vocals
Johan Bergman: Lead Guitar
Christoffer Almqvist: Drums
Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx): Backing Vocals on 9


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W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive

W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive full

Napalm Records will release February 2, 2018, W.A.S.P. "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)", the 25th anniversary of the iconic concept album 'The Crimson Idol' as it was originally intended — film and soundtrack united and released as one special product.
"Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" also features several songs never released before, discarded by the record company due to 'CD physical space'.

Indeed, "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" comes in 2 CD, as with the new songs doesn't fit into 1.
The Crimson Idol CD was originally intended to be accompanied by a movie, with several hundred hours of film that were shot to create approximately 60 minutes of movie footage. "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" includes the video for the first time, both on DVD / Blu-ray.

The album is still considered to be the best of W.A.S.P.'s career, and one of the greatest Rock concept albums of all time. "The Crimson Idol" tells the twisted tale of a suicidal rock and roll icon and the perils that come with fame.
With guitarist Chris Holmes no longer a member of W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless recorded "The Crimson Idol" with guitarist Bob Kulick (KISS, BLACKJACK) and drummers Stet Howland and Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT).
In fact, the record was intended as a solo album, but Lawless bowed to fan pressure and released it under the W.A.S.P. name.

It’s a great record and more Rock fans need to be familiar with it, hell, even re-acquainted with it.
Too often we’re inundated with mundane crap and cookie cutter nonsense, but, more often than not, gems like "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" get released and soon forgotten because of the 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' age of the Internet we live in.
Let’s not let that happen this time.

W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive - cd photo

Voted one of the Top 20 conceptual albums of all-time by Metal Hammer magazine, The Crimson Idol is obviously more of a soundtrack than, say, a straight rock 'n' roll album.
Now it's complete in "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)", adding very good tracks never heard before, plus a fresh remastering.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox

01 - The Titanic Overture
02 - The Invisible Boy
03 - Arena Of Pleasure
04 - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
05 - The Gypsy Meets the Boy
06 - Michael's Song
07 - Miss You
08 - Doctor Rockter

01 - I Am One
02 - The Idol
03 - Hold on to My Heart
04 - Hey Mama
05 - The Lost Boy
06 - The Peace
07 - Show Time
08 - The Great Misconceptions of Me

Blackie Lawless – vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Bob Kulick – lead guitar
Doug Aldrich – lead guitar ("Arena of Pleasure"; uncredited)
Frankie Banali – drums
Stet Howland – drums


TASTE - We Are Back (2018)

TASTE - We Are Back (2018) full

Brothers Christopher and Felix Borg are the core force behind TASTE, the Swedish AOR band from Göteborg who released by themselves a lovely collection of AOR songs several years ago. Now the duo returns with the properly titled "We Are Back", a new work to be released January 5th, 2018. And at 0dayrox we're delighted with it!

Christopher and Felix Borg (both ex ART NATION) are skilled multi-instrumentalists, and Chris is as well experienced producing & mixing having worked with the likes of KEE MARCELLO, EVERGREY, etc. Oh, and they they have the knack to write some infectious songs.
Their music is pure mid-80s AOR in all aspects, songwriting, style & sound. Think FM debut 'Indiscreet' with tons of keyboards and that commercial approach. It's fun, but when this type of music was in its apogee, they were merely kids.
However, they know all the AOR tricks from A to Z.

"We Are Back" is just a fantastic song ticking all right boxes to become a hit: a pumping bass foundation, heavenly midtempo verses and a catchy as hell chorus. Christoffer's vocals have the right balance between intense and melodious, with a timbre specially designed for the genre: hooky Melodic Rock / AOR.

Take for granted that these guys have perfectly learned the lesson from the genre '80s masters. Just check numbers such as "Our Dreams" bringing back a soaring FM-like melody that seems composed in 1986. Fine lead vocals by Christoffer who also plays guitar in a very John Norum style, particularly with his mid-Eighties sound. Felix plays real drums, bass, guitar, keys and provide really good backing vocals.
"Cry for Love" has a midtempo pace in the SHY mould but much more melodious, followed by the melodic rock of "Don't Give Up", reminiscent of their contemporary countryman HOUSTON.

"Stay" and "Danger Games" has the STRANGEWAYS (UK) sound imprinted all over, both among the most complete tracks on offer here, while "Fallen Angel" is the American tilted tune of the bunch, and a strong one.
TASTE are also able to deliver ballads being "My Rose" quite EUROPE or TREAT influenced, and "The One" a bit more uptempo, melodious and consistent.

Yes, they come from Sweden (not surprising eh?), and yes, bros. Borg / TASTE are the 'Scandinavian AOR' real deal.
"We Are Back" will be one of the best 2018 songs for sure, a terrific way to start the year, January 5th.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - We Are Back
02 - Back To The Future
03 - Our Dreams
04 - Cry For Love
05 - Dont Give Up
06 - Stay
07 - My Rose
08 - Danger Games
09 - Doesnt Feel Like Love
10 - In My Arms (Tonight)
11 - The One
12 - Fallen Angel

Christoffer Borg - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Felix Borg - Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass

0dayrox Exclusive
On sale January 5th, 2018

Mr. RIOT - My Life, My Road (2017)

Mr. RIOT - My Life, My Road (2017) full

"My Life, My Road" is the new album from Italian melodic hard rockers MR. RIOT, and the craziest thing about it is that the band already call its day before the release. A shame, because these guys were among the most promising acts from the genre, at least from Italy.
Indeed, MR. RIOT presented a very solid debut three years ago, and this "My Life, My Road" - their second and final album - showcases a mature songwritng, some terrific performances and a bright production.

"My Life, My Road" was recorded early this year, but MR. RIOT decided to break up few months ago. This happened in good terms, and the group decided on releasing the album anyway.
And glad they did it because it's a pretty killer mlodic hard rock song collection.
Late '80s American melodic hard rock is the real spirit of the entire album, hooky n' catchy, plus infectious choruses in the current Scandinavian vein.

Since starter "All The Promises" you'll be surprised by the crystal clear, polished production. This is a racing number, but the pre-chorus is highly harmonized, and the main chorus is catchy with modern keys in the background. Not far from BROTHER FIRETRIBE, or even early H.E.A.T
Next title track 'My Life, My Road' rocks with a dry riff and a WHITE LION melody, while 'Word' is a very well crafted semi-ballad with pianos, synths, earthy guitars, and solid vocals from newcomer Thomas Libero. Love the solo here.

If you need a fist-in-the-air hair metal anthem then better check 'Never (All Your Lies)', one of the best 2017 melodic hard rock hymns for me. It has it all: a 1985 BON JOVI guitar riff / keyboard fill, punchy verses, and a stadium ready chorus complete with oh-ohs!, but very well done and arranged.
And quality continues with 'Superstar' (akin Mr. BIG), the feel-good '10.000 miles' an uptempo rockers but adding acoustics into the mix (brings to mind some TRIXTER), and the meaty ballad 'Little Child', one of the highlights.

If you need more references, 'One More Day' mixes classic TYKETTO with a modern CRAZY LIXX, but MR. RIOT craft their own sound here - as on the entire album - and this rocker is so darn well arranged! Killer song.
'Fly Away' is uptempo and fun with synths alongside the sharp riff and the highly melodious verses (a little HEAVEN'S EDGE here), while 'I'll Be There' is the typical - and good - acoustic song which made EXTREME super-stars.

Mr. RIOT - My Life, My Road (2017) inside

For the end, the band reserved a modern AOR / metallic track in 'Here I Am', with lots of harmony vocals provided by friends such as Marco Basile (Mind Key), and where Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm, Place Vendome) delivers a scorching solo.

As said, it's a real shame that this band no longer exists. Listening to "My Life, My Road" I assure you MR. RIOT were ready for the major leagues.
There's really well crafted songs in the melodic hard rock mold, but adding a 'special touch' in the instrumentation that makes the album even more palatable, without losing its catchiness and melody.
Production is top notch, as well as the pin-point mix which provides the proper punch for these song to shine.
A killer record that deserve to be listened by all rockers out there. Don't miss this.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - All The Promises
02 - My Life, My Road
03 - Never (All Your Lies)
04 - Word
05 - Superstar
06 - 10.000 miles
07 - Little Child
08 - One More Day
09 - Fly Away
10 - I'll Be There
11 - Here I Am

Thomas Libero - lead vocals
Mario Nappi - guitar, keyboards
Angelo Armento - guitar, backing vocals
Denny Riot - drums, backing vocals
Andrea Buratto (Hell In The Club) - bass
Giacomo Facciotti - violin on "Word"
Chiara Facciotti - backing vocals
Marco Basile (Mind Key) - guest vocals on "Here I Am"
Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm) - guest guitar on "Here I Am"



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