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RANDY MEISNER - Randy Meisner [Digitally Remastered] (2016)

RANDY MEISNER - Randy Meisner [Digitally Remastered] (2016) full

Considered cult classics among smooth AOR aficionados, British label BGO has just released a 2-in-1 CD of both RANDY MEISNER most successful albums remastered with pristine quality. Founding member of Poco and The Eagles alongside Glenn Frey & Don Henley, Meisner formally quit the band in September 1977 for a solo career.
Released in 1982, "Randy Meisner" is the third solo studio album (and the second self-titled) by Randy Meisner, his final solo album to-date.

According to the era, "Randy Meisner" is the more AOR album from this talented musician, with a sound & style typically first half of the '80s.
Just check opener 'Never Been In Love', a true AOR track from the verses to the catchy chorus, including top session musicians providing a solid musical back-up plus a glossy production.
'Jealousy' is plenty of synth / keyboard flourishes, and Meisner does his version of Bryan Adams 'Tonight' with a midtempo pump vibe ready for the radio.

Among the skilled musicians involved into this recording - including super drummer Denny Carmassi and Heart's guitarist Howard Leese - both Ann and Nancy Wilson provide harmony vocals, as heard on 'Darkness Of The Heart'.
Ann Wilson even does a lead vocal duet with Meissner on the smooth 'Strangers' (an obscure tune penned by Elton John btw).
'Playin' In The Deep End' is a very cool rocker, 'Still Runnin' is again true '82 AOR mixing strong (but very clean) guitar riffs with clever keyboards.

"Randy Meisner" is a faithful representation of the American music & sound - including AOR - done in 1982 by solo artists. Think David Roberts, Ambrosia, Toto, King Of Hearts, etc, with Meisner adding his special, own touch.
This is a great remaster very well balanced avoiding brickwall, taken from the original tapes as source.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Never Been In Love
02 - Darkness Of The Heart
03 - Jealousy
04 - Tonight
05 - Playin' In The Deep End
06 - Strangers (feat. Ann Wilson)
07 - Still Runnin'
08 - Nothing Is Said
09 - Doin' It For Delilah

Randy Meisner - lead & background vocals, bass, guitar
Denny Carmassi - drums
John Corey - guitar, piano, background vocals
Brian Smith - guitar
Tom Erak - bass
Mitchell Froom - synthesizer
Dixon House - organ, piano, background vocals
Howard Leese - synthesizer, guitar, background vocals
Sterling Smith - organ, synthesizer, piano
Paul Buckmaster - string conductor
Phil Kenzie - saxophone
Tower of Power - horn section
Ann Wilson - vocals
Nancy Wilson, Marcy Levy - background vocals


RANDY MEISNER - One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016)

RANDY MEISNER - One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016) full

Considered cult classics among smooth AOR aficionados, British label BGO has just released a 2-in-1 CD of both RANDY MEISNER most successful albums remastered with pristine quality. Founding member of Poco and The Eagles alongside Glenn Frey & Don Henley, Meisner formally quit the band in September 1977 for a solo career.
"One More Song" is the second solo studio album by Randy Meisner released in late 1980, sporting the smooth FM Rock sound typical from the era.

While "One More Song" has an obvious Eagles feel on a couple of tracks - Meisner may be the "forgotten" Eagle member but he defined the band's sound in many ways - I always considered this album more "80s" in terms of songwriting & sound.
In many ways, it reminds me Benny Mardones mixing a bright production on the uptempo songs a smoothness on the midtempo / ballads.

"Hearts On Fire" open the album in the melodious rock tradition sound coming from Southern California in the early '80s. If properly promoted it should have been a hit single (briefly reached Top 20), and its sound is for early Eighties AOR fans delight.
"Gotta Get Away" add acoustics and owns a great chorus plenty of elaborated vocal arrangements and harmonies (a genre's trademark), while "Come On Back To Me" is a pure early '80s West Coast tune mentioned by many as one of the best from the era.

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

"Deep Inside My Heart" rock again with an L.A. feel featuring the presence of Kim Carnes on a lead vocal duet with Randy; then "I Need You Bad" is definitely Eagles in its beautiful harmonies.
"One More Song" has Glenn Frey & Don Henley on backing vocals, the elegant "Trouble Ahead" is one of the highlights on the album (great atmospheres), while midtempo "White Shoes" brings to mind Brock Walsh.

This is a great remaster very well balanced avoiding brickwall, taken from the original tapes as source.
Lovely stuff

01 - Hearts On Fire
02 - Gotta Get Away
03 - Come On Back To Me
04 - Deep Inside My Heart
05 - I Need You Bad
06 - One More Song
07 - Trouble Ahead
08 - White Shoes
09 - Anyway Bye Bye

Randy Meisner - vocals, guitar, bass
Kim Carnes - lead vocals on 4, background vocals
Bryan Garofalo - bass
Bill Cuomo - synthesizer
Craig Krampf - drums
Sterling Smith - keyboards
Wendy Waldman - guitar, vocals, background vocals
Craig Hull - guitar, pedal steel
Michael Jacobsen - saxophone
Don Francisco - percussion, vocals, background vocals
Glenn Frey, Don Henley - harmony & background vocals


USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name?

USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name? full

This blog's favorites Waltham have their new album two-years delayed now, but meanwhile vocalist / songwriter Frank Pino Jr. keeps himself busy fronting USA! USA! USA! and touring all over the US East coast. The band's self-released album "What's Your Name?" has been sent to us as promotion for the next string of shows, and Wow, they sound awesome.

USA! USA! USA! was founded by guitarist Ken Susi (from Boston metallers Unearth) when he started thinking about what got him into music in the first place, and it all came back to him in a rush of memories: girls.
Ken wrote his first song at 12 for a girl in his class. He recalled her happiness at hearing a simple song written specifically for her, and after years of writing and playing intense metal, Ken wanted to get that feeling back.
He had a vision of the perfect American melodic rock band: clean vocals, catchy hooks and riffs, big guitars. And all the songs would be for and about girls the band knew.

Ken reached out to the best players he'd met on the road, recruiting bassist Ben Alexis of Canada metal act Arise And Ruin and second guitarist Dave Stauble from Since The Food. Then he found drummer Pat doing session work.
They all fit the bill in terms of style & sound, but the frontman had to be the quintessential rock and roll crooner with style and flash that would make the boys want to listen to him and the girls fall in love with him.

USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name? inside

Ken found the answer to his prayers in Frank Pino Jr, best known as the frontman of Waltham, Boston favorites who swept many a Boston Music Awards, released three albums, toured Europe, etc.
Frank's classic rock 'n roll training, stage presence, and work ethic made him a perfect foil to Ken, and when they sang together their clear vocal styles meshed perfectly.

Music-wise, USA! USA! USA! is inspired by classic '80s US radio-friendly melodic rock with a modern sound very much in the Waltham fashion yet with more 'punch'.
You can hear some of the more modern side of Harem Scarem, but also catchy melodies from Cheap Trick, Van Halen and why not, Rick Springfield.
Take a listen / watch to the video below: it's a bit silly conceptually but wait until the chorus explode... wow, this is darn catchy.

As said, all titles on "What's Your Name?" is a girl's name (something very common on most '80s albums) while the band also does a rocking version of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' (made famous by Cyndi Lauper).
As you see, it's all about girls... hook-laden, feel-good songs with lots of melodies. USA! USA! USA! deliver as well an acoustic version of 'Karina', one of the strongest tracks on the album, showcasing their are a really good band beyond the infectious electric guitar riffs.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Michelle
02 - Sarah
03 - Karina
04 - Marissa
05 - Christine
06 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
07 - Karina (Acoustic)

Frank Pino Jr. - vocals
Ken Susi - guitars, vocals, keys
Dave Stauble - guitars
Ben Alexis - bass
Pat USA - drums


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TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] out of print

TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] out of print -  full

"Time To Burn" is the rocking debut by TAKING DAWN, a band that after checking their bio, you can tell Chris Babbitt (vocals/guitar), Mikey Cross (guitar), Andrew Cushing (bass) and Alan Doucette (drums) were born to rock; all of the band members hail from the sin-laden city of Las Vegas. Both Babbitt and Cross worked as security at the Hard Rock Hotel; Babbitt’s hippie father played Black Sabbath while he vacuumed his son’s crib.
Taking Dawn just may be rock's premiere 'old meets new' band, as they could easily be a smash hit on current mainstream Rock radio while at the same time impressing old-school hard rock fans.

"Time To Burn" has moments where Taking down rocks out as if they were seasoned Sunset Strip warriors, clearly influenced by the '80s L.A. scene with radio friendly tunes, good guitar shredding and catchy choruses, but also angst-laden numbers that make you feel you’re listening to two different bands on the same album.
Clearly, Taking Dawn draws from diverse influences and, like any band with only one album under its belt, those influences are still finding their proper place within the band’s songwriting capabilities.

Making up for the band’s uneven song delivery, instrumental prowess and melody come along as the album’s strongest points. The Babbitt / Cross guitar combo never loses its flare and flash, not to mention the earth-rattling Cushing/Doucette rhythm combo.
Hooks, modern powerful riffs and catchy choruses are all over the album, which helps even the weakest songs on the CD have their shining moments.

The title track starts the album off with a bang. "Time To Burn" instantly sets the tone, a hard-hitting scorcher with big, strong riffs. "Take Me Away" it is just one of those hook-stuffed rock tunes that'll take weeks before you can get it out of your head. It's the type of song you want to blast through your speakers and sing along to.
On "So Loud" the drums sound like the pistons of a hot rod revving up. Really loud. "Save Me" is a commercial rocker with a catchy chorus featuring an intersting use of backing vocals through it, then "Close Your Eyes" slows down the pace a bit, the clean sound of the guitars and the passion of the vocals makes this one a powerful track to listen to. Reminds me Rubber / Harem Scarem of the '90s.

"Fight ‘Em With Your Rock" is one of most fast-paced rocker of the album, but it's very accessible, very '80s. Like the title says, this song is all about sticking it to the man with the power of rock ‘n’ roll. Prepare yourself for intense shredding, because the guitars here are hot.
"Endlessly" is all about crying your heart out because your girl left you and you are pathetically feeling sorry for yourself, but with its irresistible hook there’s nothing you can do but submit to it. Very melodic and anthemic.
"The Chain" is a Fleetwood Mac cover, very strange choice, but as said the band have diverse influences. Somehow this version works and features nice soloing.

"V" is the first onf the 3 bonuses of this special version. It's the most heavy track on offer here, a clear tribute to the classic heavy metal bands of the early 80's.
On the other side, "Can't Leave You Alone" is extremely commercial, almost poppy at times. A gentle and catchy tune.
"Black Diamond" is a retro tribute to '70s hard rock. Yes, it's a Kiss cover... fans surely will hate this version. But the overall 'old' atmosphere it's pretty well done by the band and their producer.

TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] inside

Taking Dawn has been put on hiatus by its members some time ago, a shame, because "Time To Burn" has the type of sound that could have made 'em famous, even in an era where America is mostly un-receptive to new Rock music.
It mixes classic fist pumping sing-along choruses / melodic harmonies with razor modern sharp riffs, screaming guitar solos and enough anti-religious / irreverent language to give Tipper Gore a heart attack.
This album was requested to be posted again as it's out of print, this Special Edition only available at iTunes.

01 - Time To Burn [Explicit]
02 - Like A Revolution
03 - Take Me Away
04 - So Loud [Explicit]
05 - Save Me
06 - Close Your Eyes
07 - Godless
08 - Fight 'Em With Your Rock [Explicit]
09 - Never Enough
10 - Endlessly
11 - The Chain [Fleetwood Mac cover]
12 - V
13 - Can't Leave You Alone
14 - Black Diamond [Kiss cover]

Chris Babbitt - vocals and guitar
Mikey Cross - guitar and backing vocals
Andrew Cushing - bass and backing vocals
Alan Doucette - drums and backing vocals
Additional Musicians:
Dave Holdredge - keyboards
Michael Baskette - ambient guitars, keyboards and backing vocals


HONEYMOON SUITE - The Big Prize [Rock Candy Remaster]

HONEYMOON SUITE - The Big Prize [Rock Candy Remaster] full

Rock Candy Records did it again. They have just released the first three albums from Canadian wonders HONEYMOON SUITE after digitally remastering the original tapes. While the self-titled debut album and 3rd 'Racing After Midnight' (great AOR) are excellent records in their own right, it was their second, the triple platinum selling "The Big Prize" that really did it for me.

It is a rare thing to find an album that track after track can be described as almost perfect, but the ten songs on "The Big Prize" really do continue to stand out for me after 28 years of its original release.
Mostly written by guitarist Derry Grehan with two cuts penned by keyboard player Ray Coburn, these terrific songs were highly benefited by the awesome production of the late Bruce Fairbairn (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Van Halen), and Bob Rock's (Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) mix.

For the Melodic Rock world, "The Big Prize" is one of those records that completely sealed the deal. The album has big hooks, huge choruses that echo resoundingly and a superb sense of both lyrical trade-craft and a true feel for musicianship you can't help but be moved to sing along.

HONEYMOON SUITE - The Big Prize [Rock Candy Remaster] back

Sometimes the remastering jobs does not add too much to the original clarity of the recordings. I assure you that in the case of Honeymoon Suite's "The Big Prize" you can tell the difference.
This Rock Candy digital remaster is awesome, rescuing a real deep end from these recording sessions. The vocals are clearer and crisp like never before, and the bass lines now rocks.
A mandatory purchase.

01 - Bad Attitude
02 - Feel It Again
03 - Lost And Found
04 - What Does It Take
05 - One By One
06 - Wounded
07 - Words In The Wind
08 - All Along You Knew
09 - Once The Feeling
10 - Take My Hand

Johnnie Dee - vocals
Derry Grehan - guitars, vocals
Ray Coburn - keyboards, vocals
Gary Lalonde - bass, vocals
Dave Betts - drums
Ian Anderson - flute on "All Along You Knew"
Mickey Curry, Chris Taylor - additional percussion

Produced by Bruce Fairbairn
Enginereed & Mixed by Bob Rock


HONEYMOON SUITE - ST [Rock Candy remaster + bonus]

HONEYMOON SUITE - ST [Rock Candy remaster + bonus] full

UK reissue label Rock Candy Records have released the first three albums from Canadian melodic rockers HONEYMOON SUITE, something you may have been noticed on this blog as 1986's 'The Big Prize' and 1988's 'Racing After Midnight' where already featured here.
Now it's time for 1984's self-titled debut "Honeymoon Suite", not only 'Remastered & Reloaded', but also presenting 5 juicy bonus tracks previously unavailable on CD.

Their combination of catchy rhythms and fluffy radio-friendly melodies did wonderfully well on the Canadian charts, with the first four tracks hitting the singles charts, while "New Girl Now" also made a dent onto the US Billboard Charts. A Loverboy meets Journey style with a touch of refined pop, rough around the edges and striated with keyboards, much of this album contains hardened guitar work painted with up-tempo choruses that hold their own.

"New Girl Now" is a killer opener full of bluster and bite with the help of the guitar-driven melody, followed by the scorching "Burning In Love" and then the smooth caress of "Wave Babies".
The fourth minor hit for the band was "Stay In The Light", a more poppy / light melodic rock tune than the others but excellent as well.

Johnny Dee & Co. go AOR for the Harlequin influenced, tight rockin' "Now That You Got Me", and then blow the leaves out of the yard with the fast-paced "Funny Business". David Tyson and Eddie Schwartz provide the songwriting goodies with "Heart On Fire", a track Schwartz released three years earlier on his solo album.
The band return to some punchy AOR with "Turn My Head" followed by the hi-tech wizardry of "It's Your Heart", a workout for Coburn and his battery of synths. One of my favorites.
Album closer "Face To Face" is a mid-tempo semi-ballad rich in melodies and keyboards combining breezy moments with a stabbing attack.

HONEYMOON SUITE - ST [Rock Candy remaster + bonus] back cover

The Rock Candy remaster is really good, and you have the awesome bonuses only appeared previously on vinyl. I don't know if the source of these bonuses are the master tapes, but the sound is great.
"Honeymoon Suite" is must have for any mid-Eighties AOR fan, and this remaster is Highly Recommended.

01 - New Girl Now
02 - Burning In Love
03 - Wave Babies
04 - Stay In The Light
05 - Now That You Got Me
06 - Funny Business
07 - Heart On Fire
08 - Turn My Head
09 - It's Your Heart
10 - Face To Face
11 - Stay In The Light (Remix)
12 - We Got The Night (Live)
13 - New Girl Now (Live)
14 - Stay In The Light (Extended Version)
15 - Wave Babies (Edited Version)

Johnnie Dee - lead vocals, guitar
Derry Grehan - lead guitar, vocals
Gary Lalonde - bass, vocals
Dave Betts - drums
Ray Coburn - keyboards, vocals
Bass on the album played by Brian Brackstone


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PAUL DAVIS - Cool Night [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016)

PAUL DAVIS - Cool Night [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016) full

As part of the 2016 AOR CITY 1000 series, here's another request on the blog; "Cool Night", the excellent album by PAUL DAVIS finally released with a proper sound / remaster.
Sony Music Japan has started a campaign titled AOR CITY 1000 featuring a Low-priced Reissue on 100 classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog, many of them out of print or hard to find. This is a limited offer (ending March 2017) with the incredible price around U$S 9 each CD - or 1000 Japanese Yen, hence the name of the campaign.

Paul Davis was (RIP) an American singer / songwriter best known for his FM radio hits and solo career during the Seventies delivering a bunch of very good soft-rock albums.
Davis signed to Arista for 1981’s "Cool Night", and with the new label, the musician attempted a bit of a new sound freshening up his soft rock with scores of synthesizers that were all the rage in the early '80s.
He didn’t completely leave behind the warm glow of his late-70s records - it is evident on the wonderful hit title track as well as the easy pulse of “You Come to Me” - but compressed drums provided many of the rhythms here, and the shimmering sounds of electric pianos were replaced by synthesizers.

Yes, "Cool Night" is often tagged as a West Coast album but in fact, for the most part, it's one of the first 'radio-friendy AOR' records with a very modern sound for the era.
Additionally, this album was the first in history to be both recorded & mixed digitally.
It was Paul Davis most successful album and was 2x (Platinum) by the R.I.A.A, with 3 Top 10 singles as well.

What really makes this album so special is how Davis really reinvented himself as a completely contemporary artist for this period with excellent use of multi layered, harmonically involved synths and a band of multiple seasoned musicians to create music that is very much involved in the arrangement.
Anyone whose listened to Rock&pop FM radio within the last 30 years will all to easily recognize the title tune of this album, a quintessential piece of smooth lite AOR. Pure '80s stuff.
Honestly, all the 10 songs on this album are great, actually superb examples from the sound to come in the genre for the next five years.

 Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series

Some personal favorites, although this album is composed primarily of uptempo tunes, are the rock breakdowns of the snappy, crisp "Nathan Jones", and "65 Love Affair", a song that anticipates in many ways some of the melodic ideas Toto would use on their huge hit Rosanna a year after this.
"Oriental Eyes","You Came To Me" and "Somebody's Gettin' To You" showcase more delicacy and moodiness into three awkwardly romantic themed 'story' songs that essentially keep the same flavors intact.

"Cool Night" is very much it's own masterpiece of melody, clever arrangements and musical consistency. It was really modern when appeared and still sounds very fresh today, even more with this clear remastering which blows out the Wounded Bird Records appeared some time ago.
Don't be fooled by the cover artwork; this is an awesome record and if you're a lover of very high quality first half of the '80s sounding music, smooth production akin Toto and excellent vocals, then this is you chance to get a Japanese Edition of this album at a really affordable price.
VERY, Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Sony Music Japan ~ 【SICP-4882-CD】
A O R   C I T Y  1000

01 - Cool Night
02 - You Come To Me
03 - One More Time For The Lonely
04 - Nathan Jones
05 - Oriental Eyes
06 - '65 Love Affair
07 - Somebody's Gettin' To You
08 - Love or Let Me Be Lonely
09 - What You Got to Say About Love
10 - We're Still Together

Vocals, Synths: Paul Davis
Guitars: Steve Hardwick, Rick Hinkle
Keyboards: Doug Bare, Tommy Cooper, Vance Taylor
Bass: Barry Dunaway, Steve Tischer
Keyboards, Bass, Background vocals: Ed Seay
Drums: Benny Rappa, Gene Christman, Jean T. MacHine
Background vocals: Benny Rappa, Carol Veto


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LOVERBOY - Get Lucky [Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition +4]

LOVERBOY - Get Lucky [Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition +4] full

LOVERBOY second album was requested as well and you can find it in the BGO Records in a 2-on-1 CD release, but I think it's better to post here "Get Lucky remastered 25th Anniversary Edition" as it uses the same remaster but including 4 juicy bonus tracks.

After making a promising start with their self-titled debut, Loverboy hit the big time with second album "Get Lucky". This canny combination of AOR hooks and new wave production gloss boasts some memorable radio-ready tunes.
You have the timeless classic 'Working for the Weekend', a party anthem that blends some gutsy hard-rock guitar riffs with a synthesizer-drenched arrangement to become a huge hit, while "The Lucky Ones" layers clever lyrics about the jealousy that success inspires in others over a song that mixes pomp rock grandeur with a punchy AOR arrangement full of gutsy yet slick guitar riffs.

LOVERBOY - Get Lucky [Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition +4] booklet

Loverboy got additional airplay with "When It's Over," a moody power ballad that boasts a show-stoppingly emotional vocal performance from Mike Reno, and "Take Me to the Top," a sleek mid-tempo piece built on a hypnotic synthesizer arrangement experimenting with non-conventional song structure.

'Gangs in the Street' rocks and 'Jump' is also excellent with its great guitar riff, solid drumming, and a certain urgency and seriousness that give it strength and power. "Lucky Ones" is a song about how some people have better luck than others. Loverboy does a good job at making social commentary.

LOVERBOY - Get Lucky [Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition +4] back

Loverboy's "Get Lucky" is classic. Who doen't remember this iconic cover artwork, whit the question made for years: Who wears the red leather pants in Loverboy's cover? Not so long ago was revealed that the model wearing the leather pants was 13-year-old Tymara Kennedy, daughter of photographer David Michael Kennedy who shot the cover.
Again produced by the great Bruce Fairbairn, "Get Lucky" is pure '80s. This remastered reissue is excellent, perfectly balanced in sound and including very interesting previously unreleased bonus tracks.
A Must Have Classic

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Working For The Weekend
02 - When It's Over
03 - Jump
04 - Gangs In The Street
05 - Emotional
06 - Lucky Ones
07 - It's Your Life
08 - Watch Out
09 - Take Me To The Top
10 - I Told You So (Previously Unreleased Demo)
11 - Boy Likes The Girl (Previously Unreleased Demo)
12 - Your Town Saturday Night (Previously Unreleased Demo)
13 - Working For The Weekend (Previously Unreleased Demo)

Mike Reno – vocals
Paul Dean – guitar, vocals
Doug Johnson – keyboards
Scott Smith – bass, vocals
Matt Frenette – drums
Nancy Nash, Maggie Ryder – background vocals


LOVERBOY - Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered]

LOVERBOY - Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered] full

Requested some time ago and not easy to find, here's the remastered reissue of LOVERBOY's self-titled debut, released by BGO Records in a 2-on-1 CD including second album Get Lucky.

Formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta, Loverboy was a hit machine from the start, with their self-titled debut spawning the classics 'The Kid Is Hot Tonite' and 'Turn Me Loose' plenty of synths & steady guitars, which have become arena rock staples.
With a sonic dream-team including Bruce Fairbairn producing and Bob Rock &Mike Fraser engineering, the band fronted by talented vocalist Mike Reno and conducted by guitarist Paul Dean created a catchy, almost danceable melodic rock / AOR / rock&pop debut here.

The most impressive songs are the ones that earned the band their early airplay: 'The Kid Is Hot Tonite' is a radio-ready rocker that slickly balances midtempo guitar riffs with surging synthesizer lines, and "Turn Me Loose" is a clever multi-genre hybrid that blends hard rock guitar, a jumpy beat, and AOR keyboard flourishes into a final product with across-the-board appeal.

The remaining songs are just as interesting as the hits because they are similar in style and energy: 'Teenage Overdose' blends gritty hot guitar riffs with snarling lyrics and a pop melody, while 'Little Girl' filters classic rock through new wave sonic techniques to create a retro-styled power pop tune worthy of Cheap Trick.

These ambitious hybrids are performed with style and economy by the band, and special note should also be taken of Mike Reno's vocals: whether he's paying tribute to the greats on 'Little Girl' or hitting the peak of his falsetto range in 'Turn Me Loose', he tackles every number with vivacity and verve.

LOVERBOY - Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered] back

The end result alongside the bright production makes perfect car stereo listening - the ultimate compliment for an AOR record.
In short, Loverboy is a must for the group's fans and an excellent pick for anyone who enjoys the classic, unrepeatable '80s sounds. This is a really good remaster giving the original some air without losing its essence.

01 - The Kid Is Hot Tonite
02 - Turn Me Loose
03 - Always On My Mind
04 - Lady Of The 80's
05 - Little Girl
06 - Prissy Prissy
07 - Teenage Overdose
08 - D.O.A.
09 - It Don't Matter

Mike Reno: lead vocals
Paul Dean: guitar, vocals
Doug Johnson: keyboards, vocals
Scott Smith: bass, vocals
Matt Frenette: drums
additional personnel:
Wayne Kozak: saxophone
Nancy Nash: lead and background vocals
Maggie Ryder: background vocals


SHINING LINE - Shining Line [re-release +1] (2016)

SHINING LINE - Shining Line [re-release +1] (2016) full

Street Symphonies Records just did a licensing agreement for the 2016 reissue of SHINING LINE's self-titled album "Shining Line", including a previously unreleased track.
This is a Limited Edition of strictly 500 copies.

Only 6 years have passed since the release of "Shining Line" album but it's already considered a classic record in the Melodic Rock / AOR genre. The idea was to create an all-star project with the participation of some of the most well-known musicians from the scene and the result was, and still is, pretty amazing.
The mastermind behind Shining Line is drummer & songwriter Pierpaolo Zorro Monti and Amos Monti, both recently involved into great acts such as Room Experience, Lionville and Charming Grace just to name a few.
Both achieved to gather this superb guest list of musicians and put down the right ideas, heart and soul and, of course, THE songs to become Shining Line a classic.

The result was this this superb piece of pure Melodic Rock & classy AOR stuff now reissued with a bonus tracks and revided artwork.
Just for the record let's see again some guests that participate in "Shining Line": Erik Martensson (Eclipse), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Michael Bormann (ex Jaded Heart), Michael Voss (Wolfpakk, MSG), Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces) and many more, all providing their talent to push this record to Heaven.

Highlights abound, including the stunning opener "Highway To Love" (Erik Martensson), "Amy" (Harry Hess), the layered "Strong Enough" (Robbie LaBlanc), "Heat Of The Light" (Robin Beck) and the AOR gem of "Still In Your Heart" (Bob Harris & Sue Willetts).
But all tracks have something different and special to give to the listener.
Also included is the original European bonus track plus the previously unreleased up-tempo rocker "This Is Our Life" featuring several Italian musicians doing vocals.
Production is pretty good, perhaps the mastering is too loud but who cares when you have such superb songs on offer.

SHINING LINE - Shining Line [re-release +1] (2016) back

"Shining Line" is plenty of killer hooks and catchy choruses, a true gem for the fans.
If you don't own this classic AOR / Melodic Rock record, you are missing one of the best albums in the genre from the last two decades. So hurry up and get your copy from this limited reissue before it's too late.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01. Highway Of Love (feat. Erik Martensson)
02. Amy (feat. Harry Hess)
03. Strong Enough (feat. Robbie LaBlanc)
04. Heaven's Path
05. Heat Of The Light (feat. Robin Beck)
06. Can't Stop The Rock (feat. Mikael Erlandsson)
07. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words (feat. Michael Shotton)
08. The Infinity In Us (feat. Michael Voss)
09. Still In Your Heart (feat. Bob Harris & Sue Willetts)
10. Homeless' Lullaby (feat. Lizard Schulz & Ulrich Carlsson)
11. Follow the Stars (feat. Phil Vincent)
12. Unbreakable Wire (feat. Brunorock & A. Del Vecchio)
13. This Is Our Life (feat. The Italian Rock Gang) *
14. Under Silent Walls Part I - Blossom: From Night to Dawn
15. Under Silent Walls Part II - Alone (feat. Michael Bormann)
16. Under Silent Walls Part III - Overture: Death of Cupid




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