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DRIFTING SUN - Safe Asylum (2016)

DRIFTING SUN - Safe Asylum (2016) full

To be released May 20, "Safe Asylum" is the new album from DRIFTING SUN, a progressive UK-based band combining classic sounds with an updated approach resulting in a captivating Neo Prog product.
Drifting Sun are a band that escaped my attention because they were formed in the '90s releasing two albums in that decade, but then entered into a hiatus.
Following a gap of about eighteen years, this new work is the result of founding member and keyboard player/composer Pat Sanders breathing new life into the project after returning to music.

Pat Sanders brought about a change to the line-up and the band now also includes Peter Falconer on vocals, Dan Storey on guitars and bass, Andrew Howard on guitars and Will Jones on Drums.
Listening "Safe Asylum" I can assure Drifting Sun are formed by skilled musicians, and as band they explore various musical territories, but never too complex and always accessible.

The first 2 tracks on the album are pretty commercial, some kind of a Marillion / Hogarth but with harder guitars. It's slick Neo Prog with bright instrumentation and strong vocals.
You have a couple more songs in this vein but later the band offer a welcomed variation with tracks including rocking riffs, turning things, at places, almost hard rock. And when interacts with synths and soaring vocal harmonies, close to AOR.
On the other hand, two compositions refer to classic Prog with all the ingredients which made the genre popular, adding acoustics, piano (beautiful lines) and intimate vocals.

DRIFTING SUN - Safe Asylum (2016) disc

While classified as Neo Prog, "Safe Asylum" / Drifting Sun are in fact much more than that, adding catchy hooks, hard rocking riffs and even AORish keyboards to their recipe.
Strong and diverse songs and tight musicianship are perfectly complemented by the stupendous, crisp production. The vocals are absolutely great and I love the keyboard work, ranging from synths to grand piano.
A highly recommended release for all tastes.

01 - King Of Hearts
02 - The Hidden Truth
03 - Intruder
04 - Alice
05 - Wonderland
06 - Gods
07 - Desolation
08 - Retribution
CD version bonus tracks:
09 - Emphasis (For Sienna Joy)
10 - Vagabond

Pete Falconer - vocals
Dan Storey - guitars
Pat Sanders - keyboards
Manu Michael - bass
Will Jones - drums




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