Thursday, December 29, 2016

BEST CLASSIC ROCK album 2016 : IRON BRIDGE BAND - Against The Grain (2016)

IRON BRIDGE BAND - Against The Grain (2016) full

Near the end of the year, it's time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, the Classic Rock album of the year goes to the underrated IRON BRIDGE BAND new 2016 album "Against The Grain".

We already praised the debut of IRON BRIDGE BAND three years ago, and now 2016 this great band returns with a new CD, "Against The Grain", to be released tomorrow July 1, keeping the same values and classic rock influences intact.

In fact, this new album is even more melodic than the previous, with some kind of a Mitch Malloy meets Tyketto meets The Union sound on the acoustically based tracks, some good ol' Whitesnake - or better, Snakecharmer - on the more rocking.
Keeping the core personnel intact, including the exceptionally soulful lead vocals of singer Chandler Mogel (Outloud), Iron Bridge Band sound better than ever.

Uniquely distinctive and instantly recognizable, Iron Bridge Band has a sound that is both familiar and fresh. They bring together classic rock n’ roll, fused with heavy blues and hints of southern by way of thoughtfully crafted songs, four-part vocal harmonies and reflective lyrics.
For rockers, look at 'A Little Too High', the hooky 'Black Sheep's Son' and the groovy 'Mark Twain', then they deliver highly melodic moments in the sweet 'The Fall', midtempo 'Raleigh' (love the harmonies), the almost melodic rock 'Wilderness' and the soulful 'Day Gets Me Down', my favorites.

IRON BRIDGE BAND - Against The Grain (2016) inside

New Jersey’s Iron Bridge Band new album "Against The Grain" will appeal to anyone with a soft spot for some good-time roadhouse raunch’ n’ roll or lesser-known rocking gems like Company Of Wolves or John Kilzer.
It certainly brings the listener back to a time where rock music was still based on melody with a bluesy background. Their songcraft spans and connects generations and genres with the healing, celebratory qualities of the greatest classic rock music.
Highly Recommended

01 - A Little Too High
02 - Black Sheep's Son
03 - The Fall
04 - American Boss
05 - Raleigh
06 - Every
07 - Mark Twain
08 - Backwoods Charm (A Southern Gothic)
09 - Day Gets Me Down
10 - Faded
11 - Wilderness
12 - Light in August

Chandler Mogel - Lead & Backing Vocals
Steve Walsh - Guitars, Vocals
Lanie Suky - Bass, Vocals
Scott Suky - Drums
Amy Anderson - Vocals, Percussion




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