Friday, December 30, 2016


SCOTTY BRATCHER - That Album (2016) full

Near the end of the year, it's time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, the Best 'Rockng' Blues album of the year is SCOTTY BRATCHER's "That Album".

There's one little record you need to hear before this 2016 ends; "That Album", the new CD from SCOTTY BRATCHER. This American 27 year-old guitarist / vocalist has released one of the more 'hot' bluesy classic rock albums of the year.

Already turning eyebrows since his fourteen when he debuted in his native Ohio, Bratcher and his band has been touring for years the entire East Coast from Chicago to Tampa.
"That Album" it's Bratcher's fourth album, and I think has been properly titled as it will be remembered as 'that album, he's best'.

Being wrongly promoted as 'the next Joe Bonamassa', Bratcher is much more than a mere 'alike'. Yeah, I know, the management needs to sell the artist, but Bratcher's sound & style is much more visceral than Bonamassa.
In fact, at places, Bratcher rocks hard, pretty heavy.
His guitar style is quite aggressive more in common with Stevie Ray Vaughan, then you have a Jimmy Page-approved amp sound, and vocals bringing to mind the great Warren Haynes, yet more raspy. Add to that a punchy background band ala Gov't Mule and you have the Scotty Bratcher band.

Holy cow, Scotty Bratcher rocks great, with a strong bluesy background, but rocks like Hell.
Just chek the killer guitar tone of 'Ain't No Way I'm Coming Home' complete with that awesome B3 organ, the groovy 'Disappointing Ourselves' (in a Richie Kotzen style) or the monster heavy blues of 'Tables Turn And Bridges Burn'.

I have mentioned Richie Kotzen, and I think his solo works are a proper comparison as well to Scotty Bratcher's style and many portions of "That Album", as heard on the ridiculously catchy 'Hard To Feel'.
There's more killer tracks in 'Let Your Soul Give Way', the super classic rock ballad 'All And Nothing More' and the excellent cover of the classic 'As The Years Go Passing By'.

SCOTTY BRATCHER - That Album (2016) inside

Darn, Scotty Bratcher's "That Album" is the kind of CD's hard to put down after you start listening to it. Ever get chills flowing through your body as a song plays, and believe me, all are really good and with 'something' special.

This is self-released album and it's a shame Bratcher still is pretty unknown outside blues circles and the US East Coast. As always, 0dayrox nose is always attentive to new talents and brings to you some little gems like this.
I think it's time for Mr. Bratcher to spread his wings and travel outside of his home Middletown (Ohio) to share his remarkable musical skills with the entire world.
Easily, "That Album" may be the vehicle.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Ain't No Way I'm Coming Home
02 - Disappointing Ourselves
03 - Worry Me No More
04 - Tables Turn And Bridges Burn
05 - Hard To Feel
06 - Without Hope
07 - That's Alright Mama
08 - Let Your Soul Give Way
09 - Cold Blooded Killer
10 - All And Nothing More
11 - Rollin'
12 - As The Years Go Passing By
13 - Whipping Post



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