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VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster]

VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster] full

This request is a real pleasure to fulfill: "Made For Pleasure", the first album by Germans VICE remastered by YesterRock plus two previously unreleased tracks added as bonus.

Back in 1988, VICE signed their first major deal with BMG-Ariola in Germany. They recorded the first album in Hanover mixed by the man of the moment: Michael Wagener.
The promotion and the collaboration with the record label was excellent, Vice entered the charts in Germany and played many shows all over Europe. Among others, Vice supported Bonfire on their first continental tour.

"Made For Pleasure" is made up of classic '80s, catchy Melodic Hard Rock plenty of sharp riffage and hooks.
Indeed this is a guitar-driven album with emphasis on technical lead guitar work, mega-drumming (with that echoing toms), topped by melodic yet powerhouse vocals in the style of Paul Sabu in his band Only Child.

VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster] booklet

Songs like "Bad Girl," "Feel My Body" and "Last Day of War" are all standouts, "Red Light Night" has a marvelous chorus, while "Trouble In Paradise" is definitively a highlight in the melodious side.
"Running" is another kickin' tune, "Rocking All Over The World" has some killer hooks, "Hot Summer Night Party" includes some lovely vintage keys, and "Sally" is the obligatory ballad, and a really good one in a typical German style for the genre.

Additionally, we have 2 previously unreleased tracks ("Circle" and "Angels Crying") recorded in 1990 for a second album that it never was, when the band was getting a little harder and rougher. Solid stuff.

VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster] back

Quite unknown by fans of the genre, in the second half of the '80s Vice managed to deliver a first-class arena rock album with "Made For Pleasure".
The record has been hugely benefited by this punchy YesterRock remaster. Overall we are looking at a surprisingly smooth stereo sound that allows you to enjoy all instruments with particular regard to the rhythm section and keyboards which are often undermined on early CD pressings.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Feel My Body
02 - Last Day Of War
03 - Red Light Night
04 - Trouble In Paradise
05 - Bad Girl
06 - Made For Pleasure
07 - Running
08 - Rocking All Over The World
09 - Hot Summer Night Party
10 - Boys Got The Fever
11 - Sally
12 - Circle
13 - Angels Crying

Jan Ghiantinie – Vocals
Christian Limburg – Guitars
Jörg Hargesheimer – Guitars
Peter Juhre – Bass
Roland Schmidt – Drums
additional personnel:
Kalle Bösel – Hammond Organ
Robby Lutter – Keyboards
Edgar Patrik, Fritz Randow, Philip Candas – Drums


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SHY - Brave The Storm [Japan Cardboard Sleeve LTD miniLP +6]

SHY - Brave The Storm [Japan Cardboard Sleeve LTD miniLP +6] full

A requested album from the classic AOR era and a must have in your collection is SHY's second effort "Brave The Storm". This out of print Japanese Cardboard Sleeve LTD mini-LP replica includes 6 bonus tracks and delivers a fan-damn-tastic sonic output.

Originally released in 1985, "Brave The Storm" was the second album from this British AOR / Melodic Rock institution.
The band, which featured powerhouse vocalist Tony Mills was a latecomer to the NWOBHM scene, and were one of the first to draw that fine line between traditional melodic metal and arena rock.
Produced by Tony Platt, "Brave The Storm" was Shy's major label debut, and resulted something of a breakout album for the band thanks to leadoff single "Hold On (To Your Love)".

While many fans prefer other Shy records as favorite, for me "Brave The Storm" is among their finest moments.
The whole album is a textbook example of superbly crafted melodic rock / AOR with a metal edge. Catchy hooks and abundant keyboards are paired with somewhat dramatic, love-themed lyrics and of course Tony Mills' stratospheric vocals.
It's just such a pure mid-80s album, and one that immediately transports you back to that era.

Leading the attack, Paddy McKenna's synths are set to arpeggiator mode for 'Hold On (To Your Love)', a chorus-laden special with big vocals both lead and backing from all concerned.
There's more keyboard goodness in the offing as 'My Apollo' is an absolute drama scene-stealer. Not even a Oscar Award can outdo these boys on this album.

There are some wondrous ballads here as well and the first of these is the effortless 'Reflections', a gorgeous well-worked piece that builds up slowly to a crescendo.
Returning to harder melodic territory, 'Keep The Fires Burning' is the obvious anthem here, and a good one it is too. As the whole album, it sounds pretty Scandinavian to my ears, adding that unique British touch as well.

SHY - Brave The Storm [Japan Cardboard Sleeve LTD miniLP +6] inside

'The Hunter' is a personal favorite with that punchy action-movie spirit all over it. Next up is the title track. Again, those classy keyboards give this song a huge boost. A mammoth song for me personally over the years, and as anthemic as it gets.
'Wild Wild Woman' borrows an early Europe styled neo-classical riff though the song is not as rabid as the songtitle would suggest.

Another keeper is the wondrous 'Caught In The Act (Of Love)', topped by some out of this world vocals by the helium powered Tony Mills. The acoustic guitar fills from Steve Harris are another feature.
Finishing up the set, 'Was I Wrong' is another top-notch effort. Fiery and energetic and a glorious end to a superb record.

The bonus tracks on this Japan edition are really good too, including a wonderful extended version of 'Hold On (To Your Love)', the solid b-side 'Strangers in Town' and live versions of 'Two Hearts' and 'Behind Closed Doors'.
Then there's exclusive remixes of 'Deep Water' and 'Give Me A Chance' (taken from the band's first album), both refreshed and much better than the originals.

SHY - Brave The Storm [Japan Cardboard Sleeve LTD miniLP +6] back

"Brave The Storm" received a batch of great reviews, while the band itself traveled on the back of support gigs with UFO, Gary Moore, Bon Jovi and Twisted Sister.
Two years down the track and Shy would reveal perhaps their coup de grace: 1987 'Excess All Areas'. But "Brave The Storm" is a great record in its own right, and this Japanese version the one to own.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Hold On (To Your Love)
02 - My Apollo
03 - Reflections
04 - Keep The Fires Burning
05 - The Hunter
06 - Brave The Storm
07 - Wild, Wild, Woman
08 - Caught In The Act
09 - Was I Wrong?
10 - Hold On (To Your Love) [Extended Version}
11 - Strangers In Town
12 - Deep Water ("Once Bitten" Mix)
13 - Give Me A Chance ("Twice Shy" Mix)
14 - Two Hearts (Live)
15 - Behind Closed Doors (Live)

Tony Mills - vocals
Steve Harris - guitars
Paddy Makenna - keyboards
Roy Stephen Davis - bass
Alan Kelly - drums

Out Of Print

ANGELS OR KINGS - Kings Of Nowhere (2014)

ANGELS OR KINGS - Kings Of Nowhere (2014) full

ANGELS OR KINGS "Kings Of Nowhere", one of the best albums appeared in 2014, was requested to be revisited here and certainly needs a place in your collection if you missed it back then.

If there ever was an '80s British AOR act criminally ignored by record labels, then A.O.K. fitted that bill perfectly. Founded in Manchester, England, in 1988, they were made up of ex members of Sam Thunder, Circus and Strutz, to name a few, and tore it up on Oxford Road – Manchester’s answer to Sunset Strip – playing the Banshee and Rockworld and as opener in larger venues for Dare and Danger Danger.
After 30 years this superb band pull it out of the fire. Now under the complete name ANGELS OR KINGS, the band finally released "Kings Of Nowhere", their debut CD on AOR Heaven Records.

Like a fine wine or single malt whisky, "Kings Of Nowhere" has been worth wait.
A fault with many of the modern AOR / Melodic Rock bands is writing to a formula, and they try to make every song an anthem. There's nothing wrong with this, but AOK are old-school and their craft comes from a time when some of the greats put much time and effort into their writing.

Think of some of your favourite bands – Journey, Giant, & Giuffria from the past and the newer age such as HEAT, Vega, Eclipse; well Angels Or Kings ride this AOR train hot on the coat tails of these luminaries past and present.

Opener "Any Other Girl" is a song that just slaps you around the face and deserves to be heard by the masses. After just one listen I guarantee that you’ll be humming and singing into your hairbrush (if you still have hair) along with lead vocalist Baz Jackson, making 5-part harmonies, and begging for more.
"Ice Turned To Rain" is a tune that would be a huge in in '80s FM Radio America. Come to think of it, the last time I was there, they still think its 1988. "Real Life" is the type of song the likes of Overland's FM tried to write in the early '90s – it’s a blood and guts, fire and brimstone epic number.

Then "Same Star" just oozes melodic class. Halfway through and I just feel as if I have run out of superlatives to describe this crackin' slab of loveliness!
"Left In Love" has yet another singalong chorus and again keeps the Angels Or Kings momentum up high. Keyboards galore feature high on the 'AOK Jonathan Cain scale' and they definitely add to the quality, with "Another Lost Boy" being a prime example.
"If Her Tears Could Talk" and title track "Kings Of Nowhere" keep the album strong right to the bitter end.

ANGELS OR KINGS - Kings Of Nowhere (2014) back cover

Angels Or Kings play pure, I mean PURE, '80s AOR / Melodic Rock.
If you love this genre and well crafted little nuggets of gold, then look no further than "Kings Of Nowhere", easily among the best AOR albums of 2014 (and I dare to say the decade).
Superb songs, excellent production, classy playin' n' singin'... you'll will love this.
An album that if released in 1988 it would be a classic these days... well, never it's too late, "Kings Of Nowhere" is destined to be a classic in years to come.

01 - Any Other Girl
02 - A Harder Place
03 - Ice Turned To Rain
04 - Real Life
05 - Same Star
06 - Someone To Save Me
07 - Left Me In Love
08 - A Night Like This
09 - Another Lost Boy
10 - Same Old Love
11 - If Her Tears Would Talk
12 - Kings Of Nowhere

Baz Jackson – Vocals
Tony Bell – Guitars
Rob Naylor – Bass
Steve Kenny – Guitars, Keyboards
Andy Chemmey – Drums
thanx to aorwxm


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JACKYL - Jackyl 25 (2017)

JACKYL - Jackyl 25 (2017) full

Ready for the summer, JACKYL are celebrating their 25 Anniversary with the release of a greatest hits album entitled "25", which contains two unreleased tracks. The group will also be touring throughout the United States of America following the release of the CD.
Known for the dude who plays the chainsaw, Jackyl celebrate 25 years of ball crushing music with a new CD of their good rock music special for this season.

It’s an incredible accomplishment when a rock band has been successful enough to reach the 25-year mark since the release of their first album.
And this 2017, raunchy hard rockers Jackyl have accomplished this feat, and are celebrating with an appropriately-titled compilation, ’25,’ which drops the stored today, July 28.

First bursting upon the scene with their self-titled, platinum-certified debut album in 1992, Jackyl has made a name for themselves as a killer live band that delivers night after night, and has continued to offer up good old fashioned bluesy hard rock boogie over the years, as evidenced on such subsequent albums as 1994’s gold-certified ‘Push Comes to Shove,’ all the way to their most recent release, the solid 2016’s ‘Rowyco’.

JACKYL - Jackyl 25 (2017) inside

The 18-track set "25" features such Jackyl radio hits as “Down On Me,” “The Lumberjack,” “Push Comes To Shove,” and “Favorite Sin,” as well as two previously unreleased tracks – a live rendition of “Redneck Punk,” as well as a cover of Black Oak Arkansas’ “Hot and Nasty”, done in a Jackyl way.
It's a rocking, fun, entertaining bunch of rockers from a band not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.
Very Recommended

01 - I Stand Alone
02 - Down on Me
03 - When Will It Rain
04 - The Lumberjack
05 - Push Comes to Shove
06 - Secret of the Bottle
07 - Dumb Ass Country Boy
08 - Cut the Crap
09 - Kill the Sunshine
10 - My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass
11 - Just Like a Negro (feat. DMC)
12 - Screwdriver
13 - Encore
14 - Favorite Sin
15 - Rally
16 - Just Because I'm Drunk
17 - Redneck Punk (Live) [previously unreleased]
18 - Hot and Nasty [previously unreleased]

Jesse James Dupree - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Worley - Guitar
Roman Glick - Bass
Chris Worley - Drums


SOUL SECRET - Babel (2017)

SOUL SECRET - Babel (2017) full

"Babel" is the new album from Italian progressive metal act SOUL SECRET. The band's strong debut from 2008 led to them playing with the likes of Pendragon, Vanden Plas and Subsignal all over Europe.
They have been through a few line-up changes since then, and are now back 2017 with this fourth album, a concept telling the story of two astronauts, Sam and Adriel, who are sent into space to find God helped by logOS, an on-board computer providing cutting-edge technology to the mission.
When they finally find the City Of Gods, they find it empty...

Musically, Soul Secret is progressive metal but not your common band in this genre.
You'll find "Babel" to be a fusion of various styles: classic prog rock, modern metal, with electronic elements, and even some slight funk and Eastern influences. Additionally, you will find the music within "Babel" to be rather complex and, at times, perplexing.
The arrangements and their various musical parts are technical enough to both challenge and intrigue the listener. Some songs are pretty straightforward, others require more attention.

After a short but intense intro with 'Prologue', it comes the first swhowcase of Soul Secret's skills; 'What Were All About' is really an amazing tune. Progressive rock doesn't gets better, with some spacey elements to surround it, this track is just excellent and shows the multi-talent of this band.
'A Shadow On The Surface' brings back memories form Dream Theater's earlier works (the first couple of records) and it's a more direct progressive song that includes, once again, great arrangements, good vocals and some superb guitar lines & solos.

It's time for some groovier things with 'Will They', while in 'LogOS' the band delivers a short, darker and melancholic track. 'Awakened By The Light' is probably the most diverse song of the new opus, rich in harmony vocals.
More pop-ish, more uptempo but without loosing any of its progressive previous elements, 'Awakened By The Light' really shines here. Especially the guitar solo is just brilliant.

SOUL SECRET - Babel (2017) back

One of the album's highlights is, without a doubt, closer "In The Hardest Times" which grabs you with its variety of rhythms and leaves you with a sweet taste in your ears.

Soul Secret's new album "Babel" is not an instant ear candy, it's a complex progressive album but one that dissected to the bone becomes a palatable sonic experience.
The Italian combo tries to deliver something different to the overcrowded progressive / prog metal table, and they succeed for the most part. It's that kind of albums that need several listens, and I assure you'll find some very good musicality to it.
Very strong and interesting album.

01. Prologue
02. What We're All About
03. A Shadow On The Surface
04. Will They?
05. Iogos
06. Awakened By The Light
07. Entering The City Of Gods
08. The Cuckoo's Nest
09. Newton's Law
10. In The Hardest Of Times

Lino Di Pietrantonio (Vocals)
Antonio Vittozzi (Guitars)
Claudio Casaburi (Bass)
Luca Di Gennaro (Keyboards)
Antonio Mocerino (Drums)


WARNER DRIVE - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017)

WARNER DRIVE - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017) full

How does a Hollywood band end up on a Swedish record label & distribution and then have promotion from a German public relations joint? Modern times. That's what happens with LA's WARNER DRIVE and their new record "Till The Wheels Fall Off" released today July 28.
New to them? Me too. But Warner Drive has been around the block in the last ten plus years. They've released three albums since 2006, and toured around the world sharing the stage with heavyweight acts like Ratt, Steel Panther, Queen and Twisted Sister, too name a mere few.

The three previous Warner Drive albums have been relatively successful for material done in the DIY-fashion and now they are perhaps looking to take a bigger step forward. "Till The Wheels Fall Off " is their first album for Sweden's Dead End Exit Records, and this open doors all over Europe.
With the first spin of "Till The Wheels Fall Off" I was immediately hooked by Warner Drive's catchy rock sound, exceptional songwriting, and relentless energy.

Suffice to say, the band begins with a classic melodic hard rock foundation, then throws in dash of sleazy punk quickness and a dose of indie energy.
Don't be scared: melody and harmony are at a premium whether by twin guitars or vocal arrangements. Jonny Law is a terrific vocalist, singing melodic and clean yet with an assertive style. The rhythm section joins the mix, powering the tunes with catchy groove.

But what may be special sauce secret ingredient in this band is the skilled songwriting.
Compositionally, the arrangements weave all those aforementioned elements with masterful ease. Lyrically, the songs are cogent, coherent, clever and, sometimes, down right hilarious.
You'll get that sleazy punky vibe at the start from 'My Devotion' and the funkier 'Don't Give Up'. The latter song displays Warner Drive's knack for storytelling, and the song sounds pretty '80s.

WARNER DRIVE - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017) inside

Another cool story comes with 'Too Late For Sorry', kind of a break up song for this dysfunctional age. There's lots of hooks in the groove, riffs and the killer chorus.
Then Warner Drive goes deeper into the crazy girlfriend motif with 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', the faster 'Karma's A Bitch', and the fun 'LA Pyscho Chic'. You've got to dig the band's tongue-in-chick dark and sarcastic humor.

Yet, they're saving the best for the end of the CD: 'Anthem Of The Douche'. This song totally sells this album. It has the all the best parts that makes Warner Drive music: melody and groove, attitude, energy, and terrific humorous storytelling. You have to listen till the end, where the song's chorus takes unexpected, look in the mirror twist.

Warner Drive's "Till The Wheels Fall" is a fun, twisted, different melodic hard rock album with a rebellious edge and sense of humor.
They write some cool tunes and with this album they seem to have rounded off all of the rough edges and depending on your point of view and personal tastes, Warner Drive may be the best, or better said, one of the most original band you'll hear this year.
Strongly Recommended

01 - My Devotion
02 - Don't Give Up
03 - Drop Dead Gorgeous
04 - The Darkness
05 - Karma's a Bitch
06 - Too Late for Sorry
07 - La Psycho Chic
08 - Never Gonna Win
09 - Anthem of the Douche
10 - You Make Me Smile

Jonny Law – vocals
Ryan Harris – guitar
Jonny Udell – drums
Candice Levinson – guitar
Elvis James - bass


REX BROWN - Smoke On This... [Digipak] (2017)

REX BROWN - Smoke On This... [Digipak] (2017) full

"Smoke On This" is the debut solo album of REX BROWN appearing today July 28. Perhaps for many the name doesn't ring a bell, but Brown has been the longstanding bass player of Pantera, an integral part of an iconic band that made metal history and continues to shape metal music to this day.
Yet, “Smoke On This” finds Rex Brown stepping out into the limelight as master of his destiny for the first time. And for good measure he’s singing, playing lead & rhythm guitar here (don’t worry, though, he’s also the four-string player).

Musically, if you are expecting a Pantera spin-off, you can forget it. Fortunately, Brown has teamed up with his good friend Lance Harvill to write an album that cherishes the roots of classic rock music.
"Smoke On This" cruises along the highways of rock music on a pan-head Harley soft-tail weaving tenacious rock, slamming grooves, and a touch of southern. Think Zakk Wylde solo and with his band.
Basically, this is traditional hard rock, and very well done.

The album kicks off with the speed-shifting rocker “Lone Rider” and then eases into “Crossing Lines” which exudes a bit of southern rock influence. The hooks are barbed and deadly on these tunes.
Rex is handling rhythm guitar and lead vocals on the album, with sharp riffs and meaty solos. His voice has a warm and gritty tone that fits each song like a well-worn leather glove.

“Buried Alive” is a fantastic song and captures the essence of this album. The song deals with Rex’s loss of his friend Dimebag Darrell and his recovery. One line from this song that resonates strongly is “I had to find me”.
In fact this album is Rex finding his own voice and his own musical expression. This song included an emotionally gripping guitar solo by Lance Harvill.

Harvill as well adds rich and evocative backing vocals on “Fault Line”. This song is dreamy and beautiful, from the wistful opening guitar refrain to the delicate piano at the ending, this tune’s poignant sadness is really emotional.
Turning things more modern, “Best Of Me” had me thinking of some of the best that the Stone Temple Pilots recorded. There is a psychedelic rock vibe that permeates this one. Drifting and swaying during each versus, the song kicks you in the head with a powerful chorus. You can imagine a smoke-filled room with a man lost and angry at a relationship gone wrong.

REX BROWN - Smoke On This... [Digipak] (2017) back

The final song on the album “One Of These Days” is destined to be a classic. The opening tension is cut with the shutting of a door. Rex then sings the chorus and the momentum shifts building in grandeur with each successive versus. The ending feels triumphant and hopeful.

"Smoke On This" is a flat out stupendous rock album. Rex Brown and co-writer Lance Harvill drill into the rich earth of rock music to take the listener on a rock and roll adventure.
From the hard-hitting gritty rock of “Train Song” to the groovy psychedelic vibe of “Get Yourself Alright”, this album fires on all cylinders. It's classic hard rock at places, modern at others, quite well balanced and recorded.
Strongly Recommended

01 - Lone Rider
02 - Crossing Lines
03 - Buried Alive
04 - Train Song
05 - Get Yourself Alright
06 - Fault Line
07 - What Comes Around&
08 - Grace
09 - So Into You
10 - Best Of Me
11 - One of These Days

Rex Brown: vocals, guitar, bass
Christopher Williams: drums
Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd): keyboards


KIM SEVIOUR - Recovery Is Learning (2017)

KIM SEVIOUR - Recovery Is Learning (2017) full

Formerly the front woman of excellent progressive rock band Touchstone, KIM SEVIOUR has now launched her solo career with the release of "Recovery Is Learning", today, July 28. The album has been done in partnership with one of prog music's finest and prevalent musicians: John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Frost*, It Bites).

Together Kim and John co-wrote and produced 'Recovery Is Learning'. The album's title has reason, as most the lyrics here.
After enduring various adversities whilst going through the writing process for the album, her ongoing struggle with M.E/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) motivated her more than ever to inject her experiences and emotions into her music, which has culminated in a stunningly unique album that is sure to cement her as an artist to watch.

Then musically, John Mitchell never stops to amaze me. His musical development with the recent Lonely Robot albums is one of best thing I head in recent years.
Here with Kim Seviour, he has created a much more melodious, accessible palette of sounds. Both musicians glue perfectly to craft some wonderful cmpositions.

Seviour possesses the kind of dramatic, crystal-clear voice you’d find onstage in the theatres of London’s West End, dripping with emotion and perfectly suited to the lush, tasteful arrangements from Mitchell – forged in the It Bites mould – that envelops it.

Yes, musically "Recovery Is Learning" is dynamic neo-prog, very melodic and with lots of keyboards and synths but not used as simple complement of background, the keys take a center role in the music and I like it.

KIM SEVIOUR - Recovery Is Learning (2017) inside

The waltzing title track in particular drives the narrative along, thanks to a passionate delivery.
There’s hope at play too. ‘I’m strong now,’ she sings on closing track 'Morning Of The Soul', before launching into a heartfelt spoken-word poem.
Despite being the end of the record, this is the moment that feels like a starting point for Kim Seviour, and one she can grow and experiment from now she’s laid the foundations.

"Recovery Is Learning" is one of the best neo-prog album I heard in many months and one of the best debuts of the year.
Of course it's Kim Seviour's vehicle to present herself as solo artist and the woman's great vocals are the main selling point here. But don't forget John Mitchell, what a great talent. Sometimes dropping a heavy guitar riff, a places a rush of '80s synths, then a clean and elegant guitar melody.
HIGHLY Recommended.

01 - Chiasma
02 - Call to Action
03 - Connect
04 - Fabergé
05 - Mother Wisdom
06 - The Dive
07 - Where She Sleeps
08 - Recovery Is Learning
09 - Morning of the Soul

All Vocals: Kim Seviour (ex Touchstone)
All instruments: John Mitchell (It Bites, Kino, Arena, Frost*, Lonely Robot)


Thursday, July 27, 2017

RIAN - Out Of The Darkness (2017)

RIAN - Out Of The Darkness (2017) full

"Out Of The Darkness" is the debut album from new melodic hard rock trio from Stockholm RIAN, a unique combination of '80s AOR / Melodic Rock melodies with a modern, vibrant sound. The guys have spent the last year working o with producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet), in grand part responsible of the band's punchy output

Frontman Richard Andermyr was a fan of Daniel’s work and wanted to see if he could imagine mixing their recordings. After listening to the demos, he instantly understood the potential and said that he was ready to not only to mix, but also to produce and record their album.
The result is "Out Of The Darkness", a powerful melodic hard rock record that is filled with hooks, harmonies and a gritty edge that gives them an original sound.

Indeed, while Rian mention as influence Bon Jovi, Dokken, FM, Giant, Journey, Chicago, Metallica, Skid Row, Toto, Van Halen, Warrant, Whitesnake and Winger - and you can hear a bit of most of these throughout, but RIAN sounds like no other in the current scene.
Think a mix of H.E.A.T's pump, White Flame's melodic edge, and classic White Lion / Bratta guitar patterns.
Oh yeah, RIAN sounds pretty awesome.

RIAN is a very tight trio able to compose strong, very strong Melodic Hard Rock tunes with a classy mould but served in a modern way.
"Out Of The Darkness" is without a doubt one of the most interesting and innovative debuts of the year providing a 'new air' to the genre and with the appeal to bring young listeners to the fold.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Out of the Darkness
02. In a Dream
03. Time of Your Life
04. Out of My Mind
05. Remember
06. Shaping Fear
07. Hide Away
08. In the Night
09. All the Time
10. Burn the Love
11. Pain

Richard Andermyr (vocals, guitar)
Jan Johansson (drums)
Jonas Melin (bass)


ALICE COOPER - Paranormal [Limited Box Set] (2017) retail

ALICE COOPER - Paranormal [Limited Box Set] (2017) retail full

Shock rock master ALICE COOPER new album "Paranormal" will be released tomorrow July 28. Apart from a T-shirt, this Limited Box Set includes a bonus disc with 2 new songs written & performed by The Original Alice Cooper Band plus carefully selected live recordings of Alice's classics.

Cooper worked with longtime producer Bob Ezrin on "Paranormal", and as previously reported, rounded up an assortment of famous friends to chip in, including U2’s drummer Larry Mullen Jr., ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Deep Purple’s Roger Glover.
Reflecting on the album’s title, Cooper said, “This is not a normal Alice record. Bob and I decided, no theme this time — we’re gonna make a record of things that just get us off, things that we like. And it might go in a lot of directions.”

"Paranormal" opens with its title track and a continuous drum roll of an introduction with bursts of guitar pave way to the introduction of Cooper’s familiar vocal, albeit slightly more subdued and tame than some of his past musical output. Some criticism has been aimed at the man himself for the quality of his voice in recent years: circumstances that cannot be escaped due to naturally aging.

Here, however, Cooper’s voice sounds as good as it ever has, despite adopting a softer approach of course in comparison to what has come before it.
'Dead Flies' immediately follows as the second of the album’s tracks, and again is able to utilize cleverly morbid lyricism and incorporate it into melodic hard rock, which could be interpreted as Alice Cooper’s biggest talent as a musician and a songwriter.

'Fireball' leads the listener even further down into the album’s musical output, and again this song manages to retain the band’s famous style while still discovering new avenues in order to stand on its own and have its creative prowess be viewed clearly.
'Paranoiac Personality' start out quite psychedelic in its immediate moments, it soon bursts into the familiar classic rock mood that Copper has become known for.
'Fallen in Love' mark the record’s halfway mark, possibly deceiving you into thinking that it is a ballad, but the track is just another great song on an album full of great songs so far.

ALICE COOPER - Paranormal [Limited Box Set] (2017) booklet

'Dynamite Road' races from its opening moments all the way to its conclusion with words of excess, debauchery, violence, criminality and everything else that you would expect from the heavy metal scene of the 1970s and 1980s. With blistering musicianship and one of Cooper’s best vocal performances perhaps on the entire album, this is a highlight and a song you should definitely enjoy.

'Holy Water' accurately presents the showmanship of Alice Cooper as one of the greatest and most influential entertainers in the history of the music business, and this song is an obvious statement of intent that he desires to retain that position for years to come.
The inclusion of instruments that are not typical of this kind of music and the ability to make them work alongside the traditional guitar/bass/drum set-up again is evidence of the talent of the Alice Cooper band. This song just reeks of the sort of atmosphere that makes classic rock brilliant, making it one of the album’s best.

'Rats' and 'The Sound of A' bring ‘Paranormal’ to an end, featuring the same sort of old-school rock-driven style (under a number of different guises, be that fast-paced or more melodic and softer) that has made the songs before them on this album so musically entertaining.
It’s safe to say that if you’ve enjoyed everything up to this point, then these last two songs will definitely satisfy your appetite for well-produced classic rock music.

ALICE COOPER - Paranormal [Limited Box Set] (2017) retail back

The extra disc delivers two delicious surprises; 'Genuine American Girl' and 'You and All of Your Friends', 2 new songs written & performed by The Original Alice Cooper Band: Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce.
And you have here very well recorded live versions of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'School's Out' and more.

The legend of Alice Cooper as a musical force especially when it comes to rock music cannot be overstated, and this album genuinely succeeds in showing why still to this day he and his band is one of the best to have ever done it.
While not as instantly classic as the records he produced in his golden era decades back, ‘Paranormal’ should in years to come be recognized as one of Alice’s greatest efforts, and is an album that demands your attention.
Highly Recommended

CD 1 : Paranormal
01 - Paranormal (feat. Roger Glover)
02 - Dead Flies
03 - Fireball
04 - Paranoiac Personality
05 - Fallen In Love (feat. Billy Gibbons)
06 - Dynamite Road
07 - Private Public Breakdown
08 - Holy Water
09 - Rats
10 - The Sound of A

CD 2 : Bonus Disc
New songs written & performed by
The Original Alice Cooper Band:
01 - Genuine American Girl
02 - You and All of Your Friends
Live In Columbus:
03 - No More Mr. Nice Guy
04 - Under My Wheels
05 - Billion Dollar Babies
06 - Feed My Frankenstein
07 - Only Women Bleed
08 - School's Out


STEVEN WILSON - To The Bone (2017)

STEVEN WILSON - To The Bone (2017) full

Prog Rock prodigy STEVEN WILSON will release his new album "To The Bone" on August 18, for sure one of the most anticipated albums this year. However, this time not only expect Prog here, but more commercial sounds and this new opus is, in many ways, inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records from the '80s (think Peter Gabriel’s So, Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring and Tears for Fears’ Seeds of Love).

Steven Wilson has been at the top of the Prog mountain for some time now. From his ground-breaking work with Porcupine Tree to his fearless solo career, perhaps his only mistake was being born at the wrong time. Had he been born earlier he surely would be recognized universally along with other greats like Roger Waters and alike.
It was also a time where artists were not defined by a specific genre and allowed more freedom to approach different styles of music. He has long said he doesn’t see himself as solely a progressive rock artist and does not intentionally seek to make those type of records, it’s just in his DNA. He has sought after a way to break from the trappings of the Prog label for some time.

With that in mind, we have the new album by Steven Wilson, the eclectic "To The Bone". For anyone who feared he might release a collection of 'Invisible Touch' singles, fear not.
There is plenty here for the fan of Wilson’s progressive side. However, this is a fresher and bolder Steven Wilson.

His 5th full-length studio album is a culmination of Wilson’s vast and inventive career; a sampler of his work, with a few new twists thrown in.
The album opens with Peter Gabriel-like noises and percussion as dark, Pink Floyd singular guitar notes build suspense. From there, the song becomes a '90s pop meets XTC track, complete with distorted harmonica. But this is only half of the song, where we are then greeted by early '90s Porcupine Tree for a complete and sudden change in the song. Just like that, you are welcomed in to familiar waters.
This is a common theme throughout the album.

'Song of I' is similar in that it starts off sounding strange and out of place until the middle explodes with an orchestral section that makes the song’s intentions all too clear. Wilson never gives away the good parts without the listener having to earn it by paying attention.

STEVEN WILSON - To The Bone (2017) booklet

There are even more accessible tracks spread out throughout the record. Songs like 'Nowhere Now' find Wilson firmly comfortable in his new rock&pop surroundings, yet sounding invigorated. Meanwhile, the album’s first single 'Pariah' follows a more reliable path.
Ninet Tayeb is invited back to the party for a couple of tracks (the other the short acoustic 'Blank Tapes') and shines here. Her voice counters with Wilson’s perfectly and she does a brilliant job of adding urgency to the lyrics.

'The Same Asylum as Before' again is a slice of Porcupine Tree with falsetto singing during the verses.
Certainly, the most polarizing song on the album will be the 3 minute track 'Permanating'. The blatantly pop-tinged track that Steven describes himself as what “ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra would sound like as produced by Daft Punk”, is not a bad song by any means. Is it what his fans will accept him doing, and will it garner him any new fans? Time will tell. But if there was a song that was unlike anything he has ever done, it is that one.

Now to the real proggy stuff on the album, and make no mistake, there are still a few killers on this set.
'Refuge' is a haunting and bombastic track that would easily fit on Hand.Cannot.Erase, Wilson’s best selling album from 2015.
Then there are the two standout tracks, the final two on the album. The 9-minute “Detonation” is simply breathtaking. Peak-era Porcupine Tree, mixed with Wilson’s new solo vision, it is hard to imagine anyone else having the ability to shape a song in such a manner. It is a continuous flow of one idea that keeps evolving, yet it does not sound at all redundant.

Finally, the album closer, 'Song of Unborn' is a glorious return to the Wilson ballad, a song built with a trademark Wilson blueprint. The vocal harmonies on this song alone might make this album worth a listen.

STEVEN WILSON - To The Bone (2017) inside

Wilson has become a master of song construction. No song on this album is just a repeat of parts. Each song is its own story; each follows its own progression and has its own purpose.
By re-examining his approach, Wilson has just streamlined what he always did and refashioned it with the hopes reaching a broader audience, while still pleasing his loyal fanbase.
There is less metal, less heavy guitars and fewer parts, perhaps parts that weren’t needed in the first place. Wilson has described his love of '80s prog-pop albums, and indeed that sound / approach is what you'll find on "To The Bone".

Prog, pop, rock, call it what you want; "To The Bone"is another masterwork by one of the greatest artists of our time and every bit as inventive and exciting as anything he has ever done.

01 - To The Bone
02 - Nowhere Now
03 - Pariah
04 - The Same Asylum As Before
05 - Refuge
06 - Permanating
07 - Blank Tapes
08 - People Who Eat Darkness
09 - Song Of I
10 - Detonation
11 - Song Of Unborn


MASTERPLAN - PumpKings [LTD Digipak +1] (2017)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

MASTERPLAN, which features former Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow, will release a new studio album titled "PumpKings" on June 30 via AFM. The effort consists of 2017 reworked versions of Helloween songs from albums that Grapow played on during his time in the legendary German band.
This is one of my favorite periods of Helloween, and here we find included three songs from Helloween's "Pink Bupples Go Ape" (1991), two from "Chameleon" (1993), two from "Master Of The Rings" (1994), one from "The Time Of The Oath" and two from "The Dark Ride" (2000).

Generally, “PumpKings” establishes the notion why the '90s shown upon Helloween, and even after the departure of Michael Kiske in 1993, which was soon after replaced by Andi Deris.
Furthermore, it provided a good enough idea of the slowly going darker compositions that Grapow made with the band. Starting from the moderately sarcastic / humoristic “Pink Bubbles Go Ape” and lasting till “The Dark Ride”.

Personally, I found this period of time to be quite diverse for Helloween - as said my favorite range from 1991-94 - and these new recorded versions by Masterplan made this revamped journey a pleasant one as it was in the first time.

The vast majority of the songs felt natural in the Masterplan version. All felt pumped up with new energies, even the slow tempo ones and not merely the speeding bullets. The band's rhythm section deserves all the thanks for that.
On the early releases as “Master Of The Rings” and “Time Of The Oath”, the keyboards received an almost natural stance in Helloween’s music, for Masterplan it was more than suitable with a fine ambiance created throughout the compilation.
Lastly, there is the man of the hour on the strings, playing the riffs and lead sections to mere perfection with a massive guitar sound.

MASTERPLAN - PumpKings [LTD Digipak +1] (2017) back

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the performances on “PumpKings” - in fact making them heavier and a different interpretation breathes new life into the songs, but after such an amazing album as Novum Initium in 2013 (the first with new singer Rick Altzi,) to decide to basically do a covers album is a little out of left field.

Anyway, Masterplan’s “PumpKings” is a good record, and excellent versions of some great Helloween songs, but I think I’d rather have new music.
I figure this was probably a fun idea for the band to just cut loose and take a break so to speak, and perhaps they’ve got another killer album of originals coming soon too.

01. The Chance
02. Someone’s Crying
03. Mankind
04. Step out of Hell
05. Mr. Ego
06. Still We Go
07. Escalation 666
08. The Time of the Oath
09. Music
10. The Dark Ride
11. Take Me Home [digipak bonus track]

Rick Altzi - vocals
Roland Grapow - guitars
Martin Skaroupka - drums
Axel Mackenrott - keyboards
Jari Kainulainen - bass

Pre Order:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

220 VOLT - Power Games [digitally remastered] (2017)

220 VOLT - Power Games [digitally remastered] (2017) full

One of the leading, pioneering '80s Swedish metal / hard rock bands is without a doubt 220 VOLT. With their second album "Power Games" from 1984 they became one of Europe's most important acts in the genre, but curiously the record never was officially released on CD. Dutch label Music On CD finally made justice few weeks ago with this remastered version of this acclaimed album.

It would be about 1984 by the time it became apparent that 220 Volt deserved much more recognition than they were receiving, because "Power Games" is a pretty great melodic metal record that easily is the equal of any John Norum-era Europe release, even if there's few here like 'that keyboard line'.
The album is both louder and more memorable than the band's first effort in every conceivable way, and it sounds like some Swedish counterpart to the American band Riot around 1983, with a lot of unspoken reverb to the tracks that simply ricochets off into a night sky full of dreams, aircraft, electricity and expectations.

You need listen no further than the opener "Firefall" to hear just how much they've developed in such a short time. Brazen, rocking mayhem with a superb sense for powerful chords that heighten both the verse and chorus, while intense, brief bursts of melodic guitar fills contribute to the momentum.
Then "Airborne Fighter" is like a searing bluesy metal with some nice melodic lines and another killer climax.

"Over the Top" is much more commercial and accessible, using some clean guitars and one of 'those keyboard lines' along with the chorus vocal, but it's still got a sense of rhythmic determination akin to a Europe.
I also really enjoyed the mystical, plodding "Child or Beast" with its Arabesque verse notation, while "Don't Go" and "Night Without End" are both really smooth and melodious.
220 Volt also delivers a melodic metal ballad in "Carry On", with that unique '80s atmosphere helped by classy keyboards and a strong chorus.

220 VOLT - Power Games [digitally remastered] (2017) booklet

"Power Games" was a quite successful LP in the European market and a much sought after by the American fans of the genre. It has a brighter sense of 'hit power' without sacrificing 220 Volt's inbred melodic metal talent.
It's one of their better albums, though on the successor Mind Over Muscle they would take another considerable step up.
This fresh 2017 remaster / first time on CD reissue is fine - I heard better - so if you dwell in that gray area between '80s hard rock and traditional melodic metal fan, this is one you should make haste to hear.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01. Fire Fall
02. Airborne Fighter
03. Over The Top
04. Night Without End
05. Child Or Beast
06. Mistreated Eyes
07. Don't Go
08. Carry On

Joakim Lundholm - Vocals
Mats Karlsson - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Larsson - Bass
Peter Hermansson - Drums
Thomas Drevin - Electric & Acoustic Guitars


KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) - Better Days

KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) - Better Days - full

While waiting the new Robin Beck album in few months, you need to check her voice here on KJETIL BY's album "Better Days". When this Norwegian started to write the songs for this CD, the intention was to record a pop/rock album with a melodic sound.
Kjetil wanted the best musicians for the sessions and we have TNT / Stage Dolls / Da Vinci members playing the parts, but the big surprise come when Robin Beck also said yes to join the project.

Not only Robin Beck sings all songs, husband and House Of Lords mastermind James Christian agreed to produce the album and also provide backing / harmony vocals. Robin become so much involved that Kjetil decided to release the album as "Kjetil By feat. Robin Beck".
As such, this really solid collection of songs sounds more like a brand-new solo album from Robin Beck than a solo album from Kjetil By... but with a Scandi touch thanks to the arrangements, specially the keyboard lines.

So, all ingredients are there for a very good Melodic Rock / AOR / rock&pop album: great songs (hats off to Kjetil's pen), fantastic performers (with Beck really putting heart and soul into the material) and a clear production (Christian & Kjetil).

As I like the whole album it's hard to pick favorites, but for the moment I would go for opener and title track “Better Days”, “Everything Has A Price” (recalls Beck's late '80s), “Dancers” and the emotive ballad “Guide You On Your Way”.
Also note that the album ends with alternative versions of the aforementioned tracks “Better Days” and “Dancers”.

KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) - Better Days (2014) back cover

Totally out of the blue came this fourth solo album from Norwegian guitarist Kjetil By, and it's a wonderful, absolutely unexpected one: Robin Beck at the mic, no more no less...
Of course Robin, James Christian's touch and all musicians involved are impeccable here, but you need good songs for the purpose, and Kjetil is armed with excellent tunes (co-written with Norwgian composer Claudia Scott) with 6 years in the making.

I love this kind of surprises, full of quality. “Better Days” is a must for any Melodic Rock / AOR fan, and I hope Kjetil will go on this way in the future.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Better Days
02 - New York Rain
03 - Everything Has A Price
04 - Carry On
05 - Dancers
06 - Only Myself To Blame
07 - White Nights
08 - Superseded
09 - Autumn Winds
10 - Guide You On Your Way
11 - Better Days (Alternate Version)
12 - Dancers (Alternate Version)

Robin Beck - Lead Vocals on all tracks
James Christian - Harmonies
Kjetil By - Guitars
Morten Skaget (TNT) - Bass
Steinar Krokstad (Stage Dolls) - Percussion
Dag Selbosakar (Da Vinci) - Keyboards


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

LIONHEART - Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives [Japan Only] Out Of Print

LIONHEART - Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives [Japan Only] Out Of Print full

After the recent post of LIONHEART's great album remastered and waiting for the band's official second effort in more than 30 years to be released soon, it's fitting to be featured on this blog "Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives", a terrific double CD only appeared in Japan compiling all Lionheart '80s recordings than never made it into disc.

Since their foundation in 1980, Lionheart was the most famous unsigned band in Great Britain.
After several sold-out shows at the legendary The Marquee without a single song released, Lionheart played at The Reading Festival and were booked to support Def Leppard on their 1981 British tour.
Really impressive for a band without a recording contract.
And that's because the quality of the musicians involved.

Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis), Steve Mann (MSG, The Sweet, Eloy) and Rocky Newton (Wild Fire, Def Leppard, MSG) not only were excellent musicians, but together formed one of the most respected European 'harmony vocals' trio from the first half of the '80s.
The trio arranged and recorded backing vocals as session musicians for almost every Rock record that came out in UK at the early '80s, from Def Leppard to UFO, Grand Prix to Uriah Heep, and countless more.

Additionally, and while playing all over Europe, Lionheart recorded tons of demos.
The band experienced several line-up changes in the drum and keyboard slots, but the core of Stratton / Mann / Newton stay intact.
The 1983 composed songs / demos ended on what was Lionheart's album Hot Tonight, but the previous from 1981-82, and the latter (1984-85) remained unreleased.

LIONHEART - Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives [Japan Only] booklet

Over the years since originally appeared, Lionheart album 'Hot Tonight' became very popular in Japan, with lots of fans hungry for more. Ironically, the band never toured in Asia.
That's when Japanese record label Pony Canyon approached Stratton / Mann / Newton for a possible new album, or some previously unreleased material.
All the tapes from the '80s were checked and the songs on this "Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives" carefully selected by the 3 musicians, all remastered by Steve Mann himself.

What you have here are some precious gems from this incredibly talented band that shouda been huge.
On the first CD we find the songs from their early era, more hard rocking and influenced by the NWOBHM.
Of course there's the track that names the band, 'Lionheart', as far I know the only officially released before as part of the 'Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II' LP (HMRecords, 1982).
'Don't You Know What Love Is?' not only has a similar name to Foreigner's song, but it also sounds like the American band hardest moments, while 'Give Me The Light' is a highlight with a midtempo pace in the vein of Grand Prix.

Then CD 2 is a must for mid-Eighties AOR suckers and fans of 'Hot Tonight', as most of these were composed / recorded between 1984-86, plus some tracks that never made it into the album.
As examples there's a catchy melodic rocker in 'Sweet Surrender', lots of synths in 'Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me' (it sounds like a lost Virginia Wolf song), an even I find a little hair metal on the fun 'Every Dog Has His Day'.

LIONHEART - Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives [Japan Only]  back

This 2-CD box packaging is excellent, with a family-tree of all band members, a colorful 24-page booklet with rare photos, lyrics and liner notes from all musicians.
Yeah, Lionheart's "Unearthed; Raiders Of The Lost Archives" is a must have for collectors and fans of '80s Melodic Hard Rock / AOR.
Out Of Print

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01. Lionheart (1981)
02. Car On The Hill (1982)
03. Dealer (1982)
04. Time For Love (1982)
05. Ace In The Hole (1982)
06. Don't You Know What Love Is? (1982)
07. It Matters To Me (1982)
08. Shooting All The Lights Out (1982)
09. The Lions Roar (1982)
10. Last Night (1981)
11. Do You Believe? (1982)
12. Give Me The Light (1983)
13. Prisoner (1983)
14. Don't Hide The Feeling (1983)
15. Keepin' Our Love Alive (1983)
16. Every Boy In Town (1983)

01. Sweet Surrender (1983)
02. Place In Time (1985)
03. Heartbeat Radio (1985)
04. You Can't Buy A Dream (1985)
05. Outrageous (1985)
06. Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me (1985)
07. Angel Of Love (1985)
08. Missing You (1985)
09. You're So Cold (1985)
10. Legend (1985)
11. If You Want To Kill Me (1985)
12. Don't Stop Me Now (1985)
13. Every Dog Has His Day (1985)
14. I Will Love You (1985)

Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis): guitar, vocals
Steve Mann (MSG, The Sweet, Eloy): guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rocky Newton (Wild Fire, Def Leppard, MSG): bass, vocals

Chad Brown (The Sweet, Snowblind): lead vocals
Bob Hawthorn: lead vocals (Tracks 12-14 on CD 1)
Clive Edwards Wild Horses, Grand Prix, UFO): drums
Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden, Trust): drums (Track 10 on CD 1)
Bob Jenkins (Alphaville): drums
Andy Beirne (Grand Prix, Dirty Tricks): drums
Bruce Bisland: drums
Phil Lanzon (Grand Prix, John Lawton, Uriah Heep): keyboards
Toby Sadler (Samson, Airrace, If Only, Fastway): keyboards
Kevin Fitzpatrick (Lost Weekend): keyboards


BOW WOW - Charge [Rock Candy remastered]

BOW WOW - Charge [Rock Candy remastered] full

Some time ago Rock Candy Records started a especially numbered 'JPCANDY' series focused on the remastered reissue of Japanese bands / albums. "Charge" is the third record from BOW WOW, a pioneer hard rock / metal Japanese act.
For many Bow Wow's best album ever, this is the first time that "Charge" is released outside Asia.

"Charge" was Bow Wow’s third album and showcased a more solid, and in some ways a much more refined approach to the band’s evolving sound. This new album rather cleverly fused intense hard rock riffing with a sense of mature drama, which suggested Bow Wow were not just a one dimensional beast.
This aptly titled epic features more of the hard-hitting heavy metal that made the first two albums ones to appreciate. While a step down in terms of heaviness, it manages to mold both hard rock and traditional metal together.
The self-titled debut cruised with joy, the sophomore tore fans up, and this one gives the best of both.

Guitarist & vocalist Kyoji Yamamoto is the main songwriter for the band, and has grown considerably here, even though it doesn’t sound like a whole lot has changed.
The songwriting still consists of the usual short rockers, a soft track or two, and a track that conjures some epicness.
Kicking off with 'Jet Jive' this is all about rock 'n roll. Kyoji’s accent makes the parts sung in English to be a bit amusing at first, but at least the man is trying and putting a lot of energy into the performance. With stuff like 'Jet Jive' he's pretty nasal, unlike 'Sister Soul' and 'Rock And Roll Kid' where the vocals are low cleans; most of the album takes this approach, too.

'Fallen Leaves' is the separate ballad, but even then Kyoji has focused, poignant, thick cleans lead vocals. One thing’s for sure, you won’t feel intimidated by his singing… except on 'Must Say Adieu' which is the longest, heaviest, and one of the best songs on the album.
It's the epic number where the riff blasts things off, and Kyoji does grunts, warbles, wails, screams, and shouts with his roughest performance yet. His guitar alongside Mitsuhiro Saito blaze through with dual riffs tearing the place up into a festive fire, and then it breaks into one of the best bridges I’ve ever heard in heavy metal.

BOW WOW - Charge [Rock Candy remastered] back

For those looking into Bow Wow's career, "Charge" is considered the best starting point, but even then you might as well just start at the beginning. This 3rd album makes the debut sound years away, even though the hard rock / traditional metal style has barely changed at all.
Requested by one of you (place yours!), a not easy to find fine remastered reissue by Rock Candy.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Jet Jive
02 - Must Say "Adieu"
03 - Blue Eyed Lady
04 - The Clown
05 - Rock And Roll Kid
06 - Fallen Leaves
07 - Heavy
08 - Sister Soul
09 - Behind The Mask

Kyoji Yamamoto — lead guitar, lead vocals, percussion
Mitsuhiro Saito — guitar, lead vocals
Kenji Sano — bass, vocals
Toshihiro Nimi — drums, percussion, vocals



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