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BLOODY HEELS - Through Mystery [digipak] (2017)

BLOODY HEELS - Through Mystery [digipak] (2017) full

"Through Mystery" is the full-length debut album from BLOODY HEELS sporting an undisguised love for classic '80s Arena Rock / Hard Rock / AOR. Bloody Heels are now established in Western Europe but with origins in Riga, Latvia, so it’s no wonder that the country has a growing melodic hard rock scene as their Scandinavian neighbors Finland and Sweden are close by.

"Through Mystery" sounds strongly influenced by late '80s / early '90s hard rock that glam morphed to. A time where big riffs and strong melodies still ruled until grunge and the music industry wrecked it for us.
This album moves away from a complete bluesy element of hard rock and adds an influence of AOR with Vicky White's throaty David Coverdale-esque vocals but enough crunch that it could be played at a Sunset Strip club.

Starting with 'mysterious' keyboards / synths so '80s, 'Danger Calling' is a terrific rocker wrapped by an AOR feeling resembling more the 1987s British scene than the American, with some Peroux and After Hours on it. Great stuff!
Next 'Can't Help Myself' is another highlight, where the aforementioned influences appear in full form combined with a machine gun-like bass drum assault delivered by Gus Hawk to really punctuate the track. Brilliant songwriting if you ask me.

BLOODY HEELS - Through Mystery [digipak] (2017) - inside

Title track 'Through Mystery' returns to the AOR territory but this time in the form of a midtempo with spellbound vocals and excellent guitar work. A very original and elaborated song.
'Victim' is a pretty killer hard rocker with a punchy attack, while 'Cheap Little Liar' in my opinion does contain some shades of Skid Row's Monkey Business and will satisfy many classic hard rock fans’ appetite.

Other notable tracks include the catchy 'Take off Your Mask', midtempo 'Love May Have Gone' (some Heaven's Edge here), and 'Bittersweet Memories' which follow this edgy AOR-with-chops formula that Bloody Heels is producing.

BLOODY HEELS - Through Mystery [digipak] (2017) disc

Darn, Bloody Heels' "Through Mystery" is another unexpected surprise this year.
Mixing equal parts of melodious hard with edgy AOR, British + American and of course Scandinavian influences, this album is a blast. The only complaint is the album cover art that doesn't reflects the stormy rockin' stuff packed inside.
Mature songwriting, more than a solid musicianship and beautiful production quality round up one of the best debuts of the year. Yeah, it's that good.

01 - Danger Calling
02 - Can't Help Myself
03 - Through Mystery
04 - Victim
05 - Cheap Little Liar
06 - Hope
07 - Bittersweet Memories
08 - Take off Your Mask
09 - Love May Have Gone
10 - P.A.T.P.
11 - One More Time

Vicky White - Vocals
Harry Rivers - Guitars
Chris Flint - Bass, Keyboards
Gus Hawk - Drums




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