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DARE - Calm Before The Storm [remixed UK version +1]

DARE - Calm Before The Storm [remixed UK version +1] full

Regarding the recent DARE request here, I think it's the proper occasion to feature "Calm Before The Storm remixed UK version" as well. Few Melodic Rock / AOR fans are aware that this album - originally released in Germany in 1998 - received a very different UK release a year later.

"Calm Before The Storm" is one of the favorite Dare albums by their fans.
In the '90s, Melodic Rock / AOR was not exactly the most popular genre among the recording companies / labels. But there was a German label - MTM - which proudly served as platform for many bands in this musical style to get their albums released.

Originally appeared in 1998, "Calm Before The Storm" marked Dare's return to a lovely AOR sound. The album immediately was received by fans of the genre with open arms world-wide.
Then band leader Darren Wharton decided to give the record a UK release, but not just a 'reissue'.

A year after the original release, for its British version "Calm Before The Storm" was remixed along with new artwork; the cover photo received some kind of a golden 'relief', and the album's title is printed using Greek alphabet letters.
Released via Legend Records, an extra, previously unreleased track was included ("Cold Wind Will Blow") as bonus.

DARE - Calm Before The Storm [remixed UK version +1] back

"Calm Before The Storm remixed UK version" sounds a lot punchier than the earlier release, and the guitars come out brighter.
For me, this album is essential in your Melodic Rock / AOR collection, so if you already got it, better check if you have this 'remixed UK version' as well, as not only sounds different but also it's a collectors item.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Walk on the water
02 - Some day
03 - Calm before the storm
04 - Ashes
05 - Silence of your head
06 - Crown of thorns
07 - Rising sun
08 - Rescue me
09 - Deliverance
10 - Still in love with you
11 - Cold wind will blow (bonus track)

Darren Wharton - vocals, keyboards
Andrew Moore - guitars
Martin Wilding - bass
Julien Gardner - drums

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