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DEF LEPPARD - Re-Recordings 2012-2013 + rare B-Sides

DEF LEPPARD - Re-Recordings 2012-2013 + rare B-Sides - full

With the DEF LEPPARD albums on SHM-CD recently presented here, one of you asked for the band's recent re-recordings of their biggest hits 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', 'Rock Of Ages' and 'Hysteria'. Well, here they are, plus the exclusive iTunes 'Acoustic Medley 2012' and the band's very hard to find B-sides never appeared into any reissue / compilation.

Few years ago (2012) and to celebrate the highly anticipated blockbuster movie 'Rock Of Ages' that shares its name with one of their biggest hit singles, Def Leppard have recorded new versions of "Rock Of Ages" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me," available on the two major digital music carriers.
Amazon is selling the songs individually with new artwork for each, while iTunes sells both as a pack with a unique art.

This marked the first time in Def Leppard's legendary history that studio versions of their songs were available digitally, something only possible by re-recording them due to the legal dispute within the band and their former record label.
None of Def Leppard's early recordings are available digitally to this day.

But wait... in 2013 Def Leppard also re-recorded "Hysteria 2013", and for the same reason. The new take is pretty much similar to the original, both in arrangements and sound.
"Pour Some Sugar On Me 2012" sounds pretty much the same as well, although with new driving guitars, and the intro is gone.

DEF LEPPARD - Re-Recordings 2012-2013 + rare B-Sides cover

"Rock Of Ages 2012" is more interesting. This classic has received an updated, modern melodic rock sound. Let's say, more 'organic', in the vein of the 'Adrenalize' era. Cool indeed. It is amazing how closely they can recreate the sound of the original versions some 25+ years later.
And you have more; the iTunes exclusive "Acoustic Medley 2012" where Def Leppard revisits many of their hits chained in only 7:31 minutes. Very nice stuff.

As as plus, be prepared to treasure Def Leppard's B-Sides only appeared on CD singles (including artwork).
The upcoming Hysteria reissue-remaster will include 2 extra discs of B-Sides, but sadly not the ones the fans want.

As example, there will be Ride Into The Sun, but the Retro-Active album version. Here you have the "Ride Into The Sun [original version]" from the very rare Hysteria Limited Edition CD single. Despite production is not as bombastic this original version blows out of the water the Retro-Active one with sharper guitars.

In a similar way, "She's Too Tough [Joe's Demo]" (appeared in the Action CD single), "Miss You In A Heartbeat [Phil's Demo]" (Action CD single), and "Ring Of Fire [original version]" (Armageddon It CD single) are very different to the Retro-Active reworks.
All are pure gold.

DEF LEPPARD rare B-Sides - front

I really like Def Leppard's cover of Hendrix's "Little Wing" (Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad CD single), and "Tonight [Demo Version]" appeared in Tonight CD single 1 (there was two CD singles for this song).
For the end, you have "Stay With Me" and "Rebel Rebel", taken from Now CD single 2.

Of all the B-sides featured here, only "Stay With Me" appeared later in the album Yeah! (but with a slightly different mix), the rest are exclusive to its respective CD singles.
A bunch to enjoy Def Lepp fans!

01. Pour Some Sugar On Me (re-recorded 2012)
02. Rock Of Ages (re-recorded 2012)
03. Hysteria (re-recorded 2013)
04. Acoustic Medley 2012 [iTunes exclusive]
05. Ride Into The Sun [original version] (Hysteria Ltd. Ed. CDs)
06. She's Too Tough [Joe's Demo] (Action CD single)
07. Miss You In A Heartbeat [Phil's Demo] (Action CD single)
08. Ring Of Fire [original version] (Armageddon It CD single)
09. Little Wing (Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad CDs)
10. Tonight [Demo Version] (Tonight CD single Disc 1)
11. Now I'm Here [Live] (Tonight CD single Disc 2)
12. Stay With Me (Now CD single Disc 2)
13. Rebel Rebel (Now CD single Disc 2)

Joe Elliott – vocals, all instruments
Phil Collen – vocals, all instruments
Vivian Campbell – guitar, backing vocals
Rick Savage – vocals, all instruments
Rick Allen – drums, percussion
Steve Clark – guitar, backing vocals




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