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FORSALE (pre-Gotthard) - Stranger In Town [remastered reissue]

FORSALE (pre-Gotthard) - Stranger In Town [remastered reissue] full

This is another nice request: "Stranger In Town", the one and only album from FORSALE in its remastered version. Few know that this Swiss band, including the late Steve Lee on vocals and guitarist Leo Leoni, was the predecessor of Gotthard.
Not only many Gotthard fans aren't aware of this disc originally appeared in 1988, but even less it was recently remastered / reissued.

Musically, Forsale had absolutely nothing in common with the upcoming Gotthard. "Stranger In Town" is pure late '80s AOR / Melodic Rock plenty of synths / keyboards flurry and quite catchy choruses.
In the second half of the '80s, Europe (the band) were taking the world by storm, and many bands around the world clearly noticed the success of their musical delivery.
And that's exactly the formula adopted by the guys in Forsale.

Hence, the songwritng, sound and production in "Stranger In Town" is strongly influenced by Joey Tempest & Co. and all the Scandinavian bands from the era such as Da Vinci, Treat, TNT, etc.
Forsale showcase their intention since the short instrumental intro 'Witch Hunt', plenty of synths and effects which leads to the title track driven by punchy keyboard runs, slick guitars and Steve Lee's smooth vocals.
Steve Lee performance is really good throughout the record, still not yet fully developed and matured as we found in Gotthard later. His 'raspiness' appear on some songs, but for the most part he delivers clean, melodic harmonies.

FORSALE (pre-Gotthard) - Stranger In Town [remastered reissue] disc

'Carry On' is a highlight, a must for '80s keyboard driven AOR, as well as the excellent ballad 'Only Love' displaying that unrepeatable atmospherics from the era.
'No Time No Chance' feels more '85s American AOR or British if you want, with sharp guitar arrangements and keyboards galore. 'Rollin' On' adds a more classic hard rock feel with vintage organs, while 'Call My Name' is a strong semi-ballad with acoustic guitars in the mix.

'Night Spell' is my favorite from the album. It's a huge synth layered AOR tune with a fat pumping bass line, sweet guitars and a harmony blessed chorus. A hidden AOR gem heard by few.
'Falling Down' and 'So Long' end this solid record in fine form. The former with an increased guitar work and a harder sound, the latter in the shape of a midtempo AOR which raises in intensity and power.

FORSALE (pre-Gotthard) - Stranger In Town [remastered reissue] back

Forsale's "Stranger In Town" was impossible to find for years until received a CD reissue in 1997 due to Gotthard's success, but few get noticed.
The album's production is rather rudimentary, obviously the band didn't had a big budget at hand, so this recent remaster is more than welcomed obtaining a fresh, clean, punchy output.
"Stranger In Town" is a pretty unknown true '80s AOR / Melodic Rock album that will delight classic fans of the genre for sure.
Highly Recommended

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01 - Witch-Hunt (intro)
02 - Stranger In Town
03 - Carry On
04 - Only Love
05 - No Time No Chance
06 - Rollin' On
07 - Run For Life
08 - Night Spell
09 - Call My Name
10 - Falling Down
11 - So Long

Steve Lee - Vocals
Mauro Lupazzi - Guitar
Leo Leoni - Rhythm Guitar
Lute Warsitz - Bass
Neil Otupacca - Keyboards, Synths
Johnny Frizti - Drums




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