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FREIGHT TRAIN - ‘I’ (2017)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

FREIGHT TRAIN is a young and rising AOR / Melodic Hard Rock band from Italy founded two years ago, and today July 14 they are releasing their debut CD simply titled "I" (one).
The group first recorded a cover of Journey's classic 'Any Way You Want It' and made a video of it getting them noticed by AOR fans on Youtube and giving an unexpected exposure with over 25,000 plays.

After extensively touring the North and center of Italy, at the beginning of 2017 the band starts to record the debut album ”I”, delivering a classic AOR sound rich in keyboards and multi-layered choruses plus a modern approach.
The disc includes ten tracks with a duration of 31 minutes, so you guess the songs are pretty short. And this benefits the album to flow easily, never boring you.

Musically they move between smooth AOR and melodic hard, including an acoustic version (very well done) of one of the best tracks on the album: 'Into The Fire'.

One of my favorites is the midtempo 'Another Chance', where vocalist Ivan Mantovani delivers a varied vocal performance full of intensity.
Speaking about the rest of the band, of course Anton Bagdatyev's keyboards / synths take a central role all over the recording (yet not overplaying), there's a correct rhythm section and you have a solid guitar work from Enrico Testi, just check his stunning solo on 'Here I Am'.
On 'Somewhere, Someday' the band adds very interesting arrangements to this smooth tune (one of the best written tracks here), and for flying AOR with an updated touch listen to 'Reach for the Stars'.

Following the path initiated by the likes of Lionville, Shinning Line and other groups from the new Italian AOR movement, Freight Train comes as part of the second wave and they certainly have the chops.
These guys know how to write a catchy tune and a melodic riff, and while production is a little thin on this debut, with a skilled producer and a proper budget Freight Train can do miracles. Frontiers Music and alike; open your eyes, Freight Train deserve a chance, they are good, a very good band.
Highly Recommended

01 - The Beginning
02 - You Won't Fall
03 - Into the Fire
04 - Another Chance
05 - Here I Am
06 - Somewhere, Someday
07 - The Prelude
08 - Reach for the Stars
09 - Any Way You Want It
10 - Into the Fire (Acoustic Version)

Ivan Mantovani - Voice
Enrico Testi - Guitar & Backing vocals
Anton Bagdatyev - Keyboards & Backing vocals
Lorenzo Pucci - Bass & Backing vocals
Andrea Cappelletti - Guitar
Mattia Simoncini - Drums




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