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JIMMY DAVIS and JUNCTION - Going The Distance [previously unreleased] (2017)

JIMMY DAVIS and JUNCTION - Going The Distance [previously unreleased] (2017) full

JIMMY DAVIS and JUNCTION first album is considered a cult classic among '80s AOR fans, but the group recorded a second titled "Going The Distance" in 1989/90 which never made it to an official release... until now.
This lost second album circulated in a bootleg form hand by hand between fans of the genre and collectors. Fortunately 2017 sees a proper release of "Going The Distance" digitally mastered from the original tapes with a pristine sound quality.

Musically "Going The Distance" is much more mature than the debut with an earthy bluesy foundation, some kind of 'light' hard rock in the vein of the first Richie Sambora album, Tommy Shaw, mid-Eighties Bryan Adams, Charlie Sexton, Tyketto, etc.
Production still has that second half of the decade AOR crystal clear sound, marvelously blended with driving guitar riffs and Jimmy's smooth vocals.

The duo of opening tracks "Out Of Control" and "Get It While You Can" worth this album alone.
The first has strong verses, sharp guitars and a superb chorus which immediately brings to mind Sambora's finest moments, while "Get It While You Can" is a terrific midtempo with an AOR feeling that seems taken from Tommy Shaw's awesome album 1987's Ambition. The harmony vocal arrangement kills and there's a smoking guitar solo.
Love this stuff.

There's a sweet semi-ballad in "Enough Is Enough" with some Alias on it, wonderful Bett Walker-like melodies in "Better Believe It", and a juicy rocker in "Against the Ropes".
With a mold similar to Davis' first album we find the slow burner "When the Darkness Falls" delivering great keyboard fills, "Can't Run Away" is an easy listening melodic rocker with an '80s soundtrack feel, then "Let the Man Rock" is fun, where a Bryan Adams bounce appear.

"Right as Rain" is another trademark Jimmy Davis & Junction midtempo track, more Richie Sambora solo comes with the rhythmically joyful "All the Rage", and there's a 'road song' in "Never Know" (similar to Danny Vaughn).
The great rocker and closer "My Way or the Highway" always has been a personal favorite, as it's the only track from this album officially released back in the day as part of the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4' soundtrack. Killer tune.

It was time for this previously shelved "Going The Distance" to receive an official proper release. You'll love this, it's pure late '80s / early '90s quality melodic rock with emphasis on the 'rock' part.
The strong songwriting is the key here, with Davis and his Junction feeling loose and punchy for the most part. Production is great and one wonders why Davis (it was his decision) pushed back the release of the album in 1989 / 90.
Very, HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Out of Control
02 - Get It While You Can
03 - Enough Is Enough
04 - Better Believe It
05 - Against the Ropes
06 - When the Darkness Falls
07 - Can't Run Away
08 - Let the Man Rock
09 - Right as Rain
10 - All the Rage
11 - Never Know
12 - My Way or the Highway

Jimmy Davis - lead vocals, guitar
Tommy Burroughs - guitar, mandolin
John Scott - piano, keyboards
Chuck Reynolds - drums




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