Thursday, July 13, 2017

KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Generation Goodbye ; Dynamite Nights [Live] (2017)

KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Generation Goodbye ; Dynamite Nights [Live] (2017) full

KISSIN' DYNAMITE are known for producing high-quality studio albums, but they are even more infamous for their energetic, intense live shows. So there is no better way than to celebrate the first ten years of band history with the group’s first ever live release: "Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights" will be available tomorrow on various formats and contains 25 songs.

"Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights" comes up with an excellent setlist, consisting of songs from all of the band’s five albums. As a special highlight, Jennifer Haben (vocalist of popular German symphonic metal band Beyond The Black) guests on a duet with Hannes on the track 'Masterpiece'.
This show took place beginning of December last year when the quintet played a show at the sold-out LKA Longhorn in Stuttgart.

Among the highlights there's hot version of 'If Clocks Were Running Backwards' and 'She Came, She Saw'. 'Hashtag Your Life' is a simple yet effective 21st century anthem and 'Ticket To Paradise' must have resonated with every fan fortunate enough to be a part of Kissin’ Dynamite’s full throttle live show. From their early era there's an updated take of the hymn 'Made in Swabia'.
The entire show is vital and very well performed & recorded.

Turn up the volume on "Generation Goodbye: Dynamite Nights", and it’s easy to imagine Kissing’ Dynamite playing at front of you.
It’s difficult believe the ‘kids’ from Kissin’ Dynamite have been blasting out balls-to-the-wall hard rock for a decade but this rammed live set represents the very best of a band that should be jostling for position with the major names in the genre.

Disc 1:
01 - Intro
02 - Generation Goodbye
03 - Money Sex & Power
04 - DNA
05 - Highlight Zone
06 - Running Free
07 - Love Me Hate Me
08 - If Clocks Were Running Backwards
09 - She's a Killer
10 - Deadly
11 - She Came She Saw
12 - Somebody to Hate
13 - Operation Supernova

Disc 2:
01 - Only the Good Die Young
02 - Out in the Rain
03 - Against the World
04 - Masterpiece
05 - Supersonic Killer
06 - Sex Is War
07 - Hashtag Your Life
08 - Steel of Swabia
09 - Ticket to Paradise
10 - Six Feet Under
11 - I Will Be King
12 - Flying Colours

Hannes Braun - Vocals
Ande Braun - Guitar
Jim Müller - Guitar
Andi Schnitzer - Drums
Steffen Haile - Bass

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