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STARSICK SYSTEM - Lies, Hopes & Other Stories (2017)

STARSICK SYSTEM - Lies, Hopes & Other Stories (2017) full

"Lies, Hope And Other Stories" is the new album by young Italian rockers STARSICK SYSTEM. This is their second full length, but the first with Pride & Joy Music to be distributed all over the world.
The band has been doing some noise in the local specialized press described as a mix of 'modern rock & melodic rock to wide appeal'.

Well, Starsick System has shared stages with some well known names, and were chosen as opening band by Black Label Society in its Italian tour. If a maniac for perfection such as Zakk Wylde thought they were good enough to support his band I guess I'd better give them a listen...
The four piece cite influences several contemporary bands such as Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry and Halestorm, for me, among the few from the modern rock acts that worth a listen. So there was a fair chance I was going to enjoy this.

There's indeed some influences of the bands mentioned above, but Starsick System are much more melodic, and I can see why stores like AOR Heaven Records are selling this album.
I should add that in "Lies, Hope And Other Stories" I found some Sixx:AM similarities in the way some songs are structured, of course not at the same level however very interesting.

Among the best cuts there's ‘I Am The Hurricane’ which opens with a very catchy riff and solid rhythm section from bassist Valeria Battain and drummer Ivan Moni Bidin, before the vocals of Marco Sandro crash in; then there is some very intricate double kick drum work. A great start, with a guitar riff that is a proper ear worm you'll find difficult to remove.
‘Bulletproof’ is even better, a full throttle rocker with the rhythm skills being very well demonstrated again. The mix of instruments sit really well the vocal acrobatics of Sandro continue to impress.

'Scars' is an introspective look at what makes you who you are, warts and all and what are the imperfections in any relationship. Many of the guitar riffs will grab you by the ears and say “This is who Starsick System are”. It's modern rock, but well done and melodic.
‘Everything And More’ opens with a nice electro-acoustic riff before the track softens lyrically to a medium-paced ballad that demonstrates Sandro’s vocal range nicely and the other side of the band. On the downside, I don't like at all the poppy and pedestrian 'Sinner', or the insipid 'The Promise'.

STARSICK SYSTEM - Lies, Hopes & Other Stories (2017) back

The last track, ‘You Know My Name’ is their version of the Casino Royale James Bond theme originally composed & performed by the late Chris Cornell; 'You Know My Name.
It's exceptionally well done by Starsick System and provides Sandro his chance to give his vocal range a run: but once again all the band sound tight and nailed the spirit of the song.

"Lies, Hope And Other Stories" is a solid 'international' debut for Starsick System, a band still looking for their own sound but meanwhile delivering some very interesting stuff.
It's modern rock well done, with a pinch of contemporary melodic rock here and there. I don't dig a couple of tracks, but overall the bands rocks with driving guitars and fine vocal / chorus hooks.
Quite Recommended

01 - Nebulous
02 - I Am the Hurricane
03 - Bulletproof
04 - Sinner
05 - The Promise
06 - Scars
07 - Everything and More
08 - Come One, Come All
09 - Perfect Lie
10 - Hope
11 - You Know My Name

Marco Sandron - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Valeria "Pizzy" Battain - Bass
David Donati - Lead Guitars
Ivan Moni Bidin - Drums




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