Tuesday, July 4, 2017

STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade (2017)

STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade (2017) full

Ireland rockers STEREO NASTY are back with a new record titled 'Twisting The Blade', where the band not only keeps obsessed with knifes and '80s slash movies but also for delivering classic, old-fashioned US metal with melody that sounds like recorded in California around 1986.

With their previous effort Stereo Nasty already delivered an enjoyable slice of classic US metal / hard rock, and in 'Twisting The Blade' they have perfected their craft.
This meaning big, huge guitar riffs with that vintage Mid-Eighties tone and a crunchy output, Mick Mahon's vocals akin a Blackie Lawless persona and a punchy production.

Eighties suckers can't go wrong with tracks such as the heavy 'Kill Or Be Killed' which seems taken from Nightmare On Elm Street 3 soundtrack, the Lizzy Borden sounding 'No One Gets Out Alive', or the 1982 Twister Sister-esque 'Near Dark'.
For a 1985 Dokken-styled midtempo with clean guitars take 'Through The Void' (one of my favorites), then there's WASP heaviness on 'Haunting The Night' and title track 'Twisting The Blade', and even a bit of Accept on 'Becoming A Beast'.

STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade (2017) inside

Perhaps even more 'heavy' (at this point in time this means inoffensive) than their previous album, Stereo Nasty's "Twisting The Blade" is a fun, enjoyable piece of retro metal.
If you are a fan of '80s US Californian Hard Rock / Metal you'll love this. To the above mentioned acts add the first Icon and Queensryche, Keel, Shout, etc.... you get the picture.
Did you loved RockStar movie / Steel Dragon? This is for you.
Very Recommended

01 - Kill Or Be Killed
02 - No One Gets Out Alive
03 - Reflections Of Madness
04 - Near Dark
05 - Through The Void
06 - Haunting The Night
07 - Twisting The Blade
08 - Vengeance
09 - Becoming A Beast
10 - Interstellar [remix] (bonus track)

Mick Mahon - Vocals
Adrian Foley - Guitars
Rud Holohan - Bass
Fran Moran - Drums




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