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THE WILD! - Wild At Heart [digipak] (2017)

THE WILD! - Wild At Heart [digipak] (2017) full

With alter-ego crazy names and a set of hip-shaking hard rock tunes designed for both arenas and air guitars, there’s plenty to get excited about on "Wild At Heart", the full length debut from Canadians THE WILD!

The band already gained a strong reputation touring as support act for some major names, but what gained my attention was to read the album is produced by legend Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Page, Van Halen).
The band members go under the funny names Dylan Villain (vocals, guitar), Boozus (bass, vocals), The Kid (guitar, vocals), Reese Lightning (drums) but what's even fun is the music they create.

Totally uncompromising throughout, from catchy opener “Ready To Roll”, there’s nothing here to smooch and sway to but if you like your rock and roll to sound like it’s played by a bunch of ass-grabbing, bad attitude guys, you’ll love this. This opener is some kind of Faster Pussycat playing a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover and sounds so sleazy it would probably just kiss your girlfriend right in front of you.

“Livin’ Free” will have you singing along “Gotta love it. Livin’ how you want it” while presumably bassist Boozus handles the chorus portion. It’s definitely a catchy song that is sure to be a staple in The Wild!‘s live set for many years to come.

“White Devil” starts off in pure vintage and old school AC/DC bluesy fashion. Clearly, The Wild! are the ones that can carry the torch when it comes to playing those mid-tempo bluesy classic rockers.
“Another Bottle” showcases Villain‘s singing during the verses, and “Best In The West” is a straight ahead rocker in the vein of Rhino Bucket yet with much more swagger.
“Run Home” sees The Wild! slow things down and might even pass as a bluesy ballad. Hell, I’ll take that over a cheesy ballad any day.

One of the highlights on the album is “Six Hundred Sixty Six” which has lots of great tempos and feels at one point like a real jam type of song. “Rattlesnake Shake” is built on a singular guitar riff that the band rides pretty much all the way through.
Towards the end of the album is one of the best tracks; “Down At The Bottom”, which seems full of piss and vinegar and provides some great head banging opportunities. Wild At Heart closes off with the aptly named “Kansas City Shuffle” which is built on a guitar riff with a real groove to it.

THE WILD! - Wild At Heart [digipak] (2017) back

It's good to see that someone, somewhere, is still making dirty, unfettered rock n roll, with no thoughts of being hip and all that kind of nonsense.
All my thoughts of 'wheels' and 're-invention' were gone by the end of "Wild At Heart" first spin – this is simple but kick ass rockin' stuff. It’s what you’d play to an alien if you wanted to explain riff and roll.
Nothing new at this rodeo, just very, very well executed, and you can hear Mike Fraser's expert hands to make this 10-track to sound amusingly rollicking.
The Wild! are walking a well-trodden path but they do it with such confidence and commitment that they manage to standout in a crowded space.

01 - Ready To Roll
02 - Livin' Free
03 - White Devil
04 - Another Bottle
05 - Best In The West
06 - Six Hundred Sixty Six
07 - Rattlesnake Shake
08 - Run Home
09 - Down At The Bottom
10 - Kansas City Shuffle

Dylan Villain – vocals, guitar
Boozus – bass, vocals
The Kid – guitar, vocals
Reese Lightning – drums




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