Tuesday, June 5, 2018

LOVE STALLION - Unforgettable Ride (2018)

LOVE STALLION - Unforgettable Ride (2018) full

"Unforgettable Ride" is the just released debut album by Denver based act LOVE STALLION. They seems to be a 'rara avis' band in the US Mountain West, very young musicians playing a strongly '80s influenced brand of rock n' roll in this Century.

According to the press release - and if you take a look at the band's image in the promotional pics - Love Stallion's music is glamorous hard rock. Well, for the most part, not.

Love Stallion (formerly known as Big Rock Radio) are indeed influenced by the commercial radio-rock so popular in the US during the '80s. But they are pretty classic rock sounding, with melodic rock riffs here and there, and several poppy hooks.

Opener 'Slow Release' has some 1983 Van Halen on it, while 'Ignite the Night' includes nice harmony vocal arrangements and even cowbell, but it isn't a sleazy song but a short and effective rocker.
'Lazy Summer Dream' is very melodic akin Honeymoon Suite first album, then on 'Hide Me Away' the band reminds me of Zebra.

The best song for me is 'Big Rock Radio' (the band's name initially), driven by pumping bass lines, a fine guitar riff, and there's a really cool melodic rock chorus.

LOVE STALLION - Unforgettable Ride (2018) inside

Despite their image and some lipstick, Love Stallion is not an '80s glammy hair metal band, not sleazy, not even hard rock.
"Unforgettable Ride" is mostly melodic rock / poppy radio rock in the vein of the US style between 1982-1984. You can read the bands comparison above, but of course, Love Stallion are not at the same level. Anyway, this is a very nice listening, everything is clean, melodic, and finely produced for an indie.
Eighties stuff made in 2018 by an American band. A rara avis indeed.

01 - Slow Release
02 - Ignite the Night
03 - Big Rock Radio
04 - Lazy Summer Dream
05 - Hide Me Away
06 - Tinker Toys
07 - Valentine
08 - High Time
09 - Trans Am

Aaron Hart - Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar
Keith Embers - Lead Guitar, Backup vocals
Aero X - Bass, Backup Vocals
Crayton Huntly - drums




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